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Vizio's Group VP, Advertising, Data Sales, Adam Bergman, In The C Space Studio – CES 2024

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Vio is a minority-owned television manufacturer focused on providing rich entertainment experiences through user-friendly technology, emphasizing customer relationships and innovation. They utilize data insights to enhance user experiences and improve ad targeting. The shift to streaming platforms has increased customer churn, leading to the rise of ad-supported models and personalized recommendations through AI. The video segment discusses optimizing advertising strategies for streaming content, delivering high-performance smart TVs with exceptional quality at an affordable price. The trend shows a shift towards watching content on smart TVs over smartphones, with an emphasis on creating branded content and the overall experience at CES 2024.

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Vio's focus on providing endless entertainment through easy-to-use technology.
Vio aims to deliver rich content experiences to millions of households, including live TV, movies, premium apps, and more.
Vio emphasizes a strong customer relationship, constant innovation, and unique branding opportunities.
Vio collects viewership data to enhance the user experience, inform recommendation engines, and improve ad targeting.
By owning the hardware, operating system, and data, Vio can offer a more personalized and effective media buying and measurement process.
Shift to Streaming Platforms and Customer Churn.
Ad-supported models gaining popularity due to fair value exchange for free content.
AI and machine learning utilized for personalized recommendations based on customer interests.
Ongoing exploration for extraordinary value through data optimization.
Excitement surrounding potential for data-driven insights and personalized experiences.
Importance of data insights in optimizing advertising strategies for streaming video content.
Data insights help deliver incremental exposure to customers and allow brands to better understand consumer behavior.
Advancements in user experience, such as new UI and operating system, lead to increased time spent searching for content.
Partnerships with brands for content creation and underwriting are emphasized, highlighting the relevance of engaging and tailored content for viewers.
Focus on delivering high-performance smart televisions with exceptional video and audio quality at an affordable price.
Smart TVs are designed to be versatile and user-friendly, offering a seamless viewing experience similar to smartphones.
Consumers are shifting towards watching content on smart TVs rather than smartphones or tablets.
Dongles are becoming obsolete as smart TVs now come pre-loaded with premium apps and free content, eliminating the need for additional accessories.
Discussion transitions to creating branded content and the overall experience at CES 2024.