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Disney Ads' SVP, Addressable Sales, Disney Advertising, Jamie Power, In The C Space Studio –CES 2024

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Disney's advertising strategy focuses on maximizing ad buys through understanding viewer behavior across platforms. They prioritize a viewer-first experience on Disney Plus, with 50% of consumers opting for the ad tier after one year. The company experiments with immersive ad experiences, supports diversity and equity, and believes in a mix of consolidation and expansion in the industry. Key messages include building reach and frequency, staying agile in a changing workforce, and embracing industry changes for future success.

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Disney advertising strategy overview.
Disney advertising encompasses sales and marketing for all entertainment and sports offerings, including streaming, linear, audio, and social platforms.
Live data and tech showcases at CES emphasize the role of technology in content delivery.
Disney's unique identity graph helps maximize advertising effectiveness by analyzing viewer behavior across platforms.
Challenges include navigating fragmentation and optimizing reach and frequency through an integrated approach across linear and streaming platforms.
Disney's approach to advertising on Disney Plus prioritizes viewer experience and aims to be non-intrusive.
The company utilizes premium content and audience targeting to drive conversion metrics and engagement.
Disney values storytelling and aims to keep consumers happy with their ad strategy.
After one year of introducing ads on Disney Plus, 50% of consumers are choosing the ad tier, indicating a successful rollout strategy.
Disney's innovative approach to immersive experiences and advertising.
Integration of Toy Story characters into NFL games for engaging ad experiences.
Emphasis on diversity and equity, supporting women in sports and leadership roles.
Belief in the importance of diverse perspectives to drive business success.
Future of the industry predicted to involve a mix of consolidation and expansion based on consumer preferences.
Key messages for future success in business.
Emphasis on building reach and frequency, understanding their importance, and staying agile in the face of industry changes.
Discussion on the evolving workforce and the need to stay engaged, adaptive, and grateful in navigating the business landscape.
Focus on agility and acceptance of change as essential qualities for success in the business world.