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AC Milan vs. Roma: Extended Highlights | UEL Quarter-Finals 1st Leg | CBS Sports Golazo

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Roma emerges victorious against Milan in a closely contested UEFA Europa League quarterfinal match, with Manini scoring the winning goal. The first leg sees Roma taking a one-goal advantage, showcasing impressive plays and strong defense, ultimately securing the win in the Sanso against Milan.

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Roma defeats Milan in UEFA Europa League quarterfinal.
Manini scores the winning goal for Roma, securing their lead.
Controversy arises over a corner kick decision, leading to Milan's coach cautioning the referee.
Lukaku has two powerful headers cleared off the goal line during the match.
The match highlights personal battles between players who have previously faced each other in the Premier League.
Roma secures a one-goal advantage over Milan in the first leg of the match.
Januca Manini scores a header in the first half for Roma.
Milan's attempts are thwarted by the young Roma goalkeeper, Gabia J.
Ryers from Roma proves to be a strong defensive force against Milan's on-target attempts.
The match is filled with intense moments, exciting plays, and near misses, leading to Roma's victory in the Sanso.