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6 Bold Market Predictions for the Second Half of 2024 | Cabot Street Check

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Discussion on stock market trends, investor movements, and potential outcomes for companies like Walgreens and Nvidia. Analysis of recession concerns, interest in energy investments, and market predictions post-election. Debate on AI stocks, Fed rate cuts, and gold price rise predictions. Emphasis on diversified portfolios and market performance, with insights on sector valuations and future trends. Announcement of a break for Fourth of July, encouraging listeners to catch up on past episodes.

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Discussion on basketball draft picks and potential outcomes for players like Ryan Dunn and comparisons to other players.
Mention of potential trades and player development in the basketball industry.
Transition to investment-related topics including investor movements, profit-taking, Warren Buffett's oil investments, and Walgreens' earnings report.
Plans to make predictions for the future based on data analysis.
Debate on the likelihood of an upcoming recession.
Economic concerns amidst slowing GDP growth, steady earnings, and decreasing inflation.
Experts believe the economy is experiencing intermittent pain across sectors, resembling a recession without widespread impact.
The "rolling recession" scenario is manageable post-supply chain challenges and interest rate hikes.
Misinformation contributes to recession fears, but data shows economy stabilizing with no immediate recession expected.
Recent market trends impacting Nvidia stock.
Nvidia stock has seen a 6.5% decline in the last 10 days after reaching all-time highs.
The Dow is the best performing index, while the Russell 2000 is up 1.3%.
Possible rotation from AI stocks, with increased retail interest in tech stocks.
Market indecision due to upcoming election and potential Fed rate cut in September, leading to the possibility of rotation into different stocks.
Nvidia's influence on related companies like super micro computer and Micron in the data center sector.
Interest in Nuclear Power and Oil Investments
Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have made significant investments in nuclear power and oil.
Carl Delfeld supports nuclear energy to counter Russia's power.
Warren Buffett's $435 million investment in oil reflects a belief in its potential despite recent price fluctuations.
Speculation on energy sector momentum and potential market shifts leading up to the election.
Discussion on investing in oil companies and diversifying portfolio with growth and value stocks like Apple and BYD under Warren Buffett's guidance.
Struggling retailers like Nike and Walgreens mentioned, with Walgreens facing store closures and stock decline.
Speculation on the future of Walgreens and comparison to past retail failures like JC Penney and Blockbuster.
Mention of Walgreens cutting dividend and its impact on investor confidence.
Walgreens Faces Challenges Due to Low Margins and Reliance on High-Margin Impulse Buys.
The company heavily relies on high-margin impulse buys for profits, facing challenges with low margins on prescriptions and medical items.
Walgreens Plans to Save $1 Billion by Closing Stores and Implementing Cost-Cutting Measures.
Cost-cutting measures have resulted in a decline in share price, leading to structural difficulties and lack of profitability.
It is advised to avoid investing in Walgreens due to the loss of its dividend Aristocrat status.
Impact of high dividend paying stocks on retail investors and focus on Walgreens' valuation.
Predictions for the second half of 2024 with a bullish outlook on new all-time highs.
Analysis of the S&P to M2 money supply ratio and comparison to historical market ratios.
Potential 20% upside if similar levels are reached in the market.
Uncertainty regarding factors that could halt market growth, but a consensus on continuous new all-time highs.
Market trends and election outcomes discussion.
Prediction of market decline before the election followed by a post-election rally.
Speculation on the impact of Biden's Green Tech and clean energy investments.
Possibility of a 'soft Landing sweet spot' scenario under Republican leadership.
Uncertainty regarding Fed cutting rates in September and rotation of institutional investors' capital.
Impact of AI on retail investors.
Nvidia's earnings miss causing fear among retail investors.
Toys R Us utilizing AI for video generation.
Speculation on future growth of AI.
Debate on effectiveness of large language models in AI content generation.
Speculation on Federal Reserve rate cuts.
Predictions for cuts in September and December, with uncertainty about a possible surprise cut in July.
Factors like GDP growth, inflation, and labor market softening influencing the decision.
Various opinions on the number and timing of rate cuts, with some expecting two 25 basis point cuts before the end of the year.
Mention of a 10% chance of a July cut and a small possibility of two cuts by September, leading to overall speculative and uncertain Fed approach.
Potential rise of gold prices in the next three to four months due to pre-election angst and global conflicts, increased investor interest in rate-sensitive assets, and excess liquidity in the system.
Excess liquidity leading to stock market investments and the impact of rate cuts on asset allocation.
Prediction of the equal weight index surpassing the S&P 500, based on expected rotation and diversification in the market.
Current S&P performance and reaching new highs above 5,500 points.
The equal weight index is up 4.3% year to date, outperforming the S&P 500.
Nine out of 11 sectors have lower price to earnings ratios compared to the S&P 500.
Insights on potential rotation into undervalued sectors.
Speculation on market pullbacks before the election.
Utility stocks are considered a safe haven during uncertainty, and recent strength in the gold mining sector is noted.
Market predictions and portfolio performance discussed.
Emphasis on diversified portfolios and the impact of concentrated stock holdings.
Speculation on future market trends and potential bubble risks, with a target S&P level mentioned.
Acknowledgment of the unpredictable nature of the current market and challenges in making accurate forecasts.
Announcement of a break for Fourth of July and a recommendation to catch up on past episodes.
Recent interviews and a round table episode with Cabat analysts are suggested for listeners.
Excitement expressed for upcoming content and well wishes for a happy Fourth of July.
Signing off until the next episode in two weeks.