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4/18/24 Live Q&A

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The video discusses updates to tax software, including formatting improvements, a new prompt to save work, and changes to proposal layouts. New features like a chat/message section and customizable templates aim to enhance user experience. Additional updates allow for more customization options in proposals, such as font choices and table adjustments. Improvements in client imports streamline the process, and TaxDome's SOC 2 certification ensures data security. Viewers are encouraged to ask questions and provide feedback, with plans to share more information through quick videos.

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Updates to tax software and user service improvements.
Short videos on monthly updates and previews of upcoming changes are provided to users.
Specific updates include formatting improvements and a new prompt to save work before exiting the page.
The prompt feature is designed to prevent lost work and enhance user experience.
Changes to the proposals page layout are aimed at improving navigation and accessibility for users.
New features in tax software program.
Includes chat/message section, templates for proposals, and customizable client views with short codes.
Allows for adjusting screen layouts, more font options, and indent adjustments in proposals.
Updates focus on enhancing user experience and customization for better client communication and proposal creation.
New features and options for formatting proposals.
Users can now change fonts, add images, and adjust settings for proposals.
Customization options include choosing from various fonts, adjusting headings, and utilizing left, center, and right formatting.
Tables in proposals can be customized by removing columns, changing column order, and adjusting column width.
Attach files in email templates, catering to automated emails with attachments like PDFs for tax season guides.
New improvements in client imports allow for assigning account types and team members during the import process.
Previously, account types could not be chosen when importing via CSV, but now a column for account type can be included.
Team members can now be assigned to accounts during import, which streamlines the process for firms with multiple users.
These updates enhance efficiency and organization in managing client accounts.
TaxDome receives SOC 2 certification for data security.
Certification involves evaluation of data security protocols, disaster recovery plans, and overall security measures.
Clients can now upload entire folders of tax documents for convenience.
Platform continues to make updates to improve user experience.
Plans to share more information through quick videos to help users understand new features.
Viewer interaction and feedback.
Viewers are encouraged to ask questions and provide feedback to the creators.
The creators express gratitude to the audience for their support.