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System Design Interview: A Step-By-Step Guide

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The video provides a structured system design interview framework with steps including problem understanding, high-level design proposal, deep dive, and conclusion. Tips include clarifying requirements, handling scalability, and focusing on APIs and data modeling. Key points cover two-way communication with Websocket, data storage, and trade-offs. The final steps involve solution selection, addressing top issues, and summarizing the design. Interviewees are advised to ask questions and subscribe to a system design newsletter for insights.

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Overview of the system design interview framework.
Importance of structured approach to avoid wasting time and ensure focus.
Four steps in the framework: understanding the problem, proposing high-level design, conducting deep dive, and wrapping up.
Recommendation to allocate time accordingly for each step to optimize the interview process.
Emphasis on clarifying requirements, understanding non-functional requirements, and handling scalability and performance challenges.
Designing APIs with a focus on functional requirements and considering two-way communication with Websocket is important for some designs.
Websocket is stateful and challenging to operate at scale, requiring careful consideration during the design process.
High-level design should involve creating a diagram to verify feature satisfaction, including services and data storage components.
Data modeling choices impact performance and should take into account databases and indexing options for optimization.
Deep dive discussions cover non-functional requirements and potential trade-offs, prompting deeper problem discussions and multiple solution evaluations based on interviewer cues and questions asked.
Final steps of a system design interview.
Selecting a solution, diving deeper into top issues, and summarizing the design are key components.
Focus on unique aspects of the situation and ask questions about the company.
Leave time for interviewer inquiries.
The framework aims to guide interviewees through a structured approach to system design interviews, with a suggestion to subscribe to a system design newsletter for further insights.