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Go-Jek faced challenges in managing data as they expanded services, prioritizing collection over organization. They emphasized the importance of data-driven decision-making despite unstructured data. Organizing data effectively was highlighted for improved decision-making and insights. Aligning the organization behind the North Star metric of completed transactions was crucial. Strategies included analyzing customer usage data and incentivizing users based on different data points. Creative and efficient data analysis led to valuable insights, including tracking driver location pings. Overall, data organization, utilization, and alignment with key metrics were key focus areas for driving decision-making and business growth at Go-Jek.

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Go-Jek's data infrastructure became more complex as the company expanded its services.
Data was stored in multiple platforms like MongoDB and Postgres, prioritizing collection over organization.
Challenges in data management arose due to rapid growth, leading to the creation of new microservices for each new feature.
Despite unstructured data, Go-Jek focused on enabling data-driven decision-making for product development.
The company's approach emphasized the importance of having data, even if imperfect, to drive insights and inform strategies.
Importance of organizing data for accessibility and usability in a company.
Categorizing data is compared to organizing a closet to help employees find information efficiently.
Creative thinking is essential for uncovering valuable insights and making better decisions from structured data.
Structuring data effectively by outfit or business unit can enhance access and utilization of data.
Importance of North Star metric at Go-Jek.
Product owners focus on increasing completed transactions in categories like Go-Ride, Go-Food, and Go-Pay P2P.
Understanding how features impact the North Star metric helps optimize to reduce cancellation rates, improve allocation, and increase total bookings.
Building tableau dashboards and visualization tools around key metrics aligns business units and drives decision-making.
Strategies for Increasing Bookings and Improving Allocation Efficiency.
Understanding driver location and providing incentives are key to improving allocation on the platform.
Minimizing wait times for customers and preventing stockouts can help reduce cancellation rates.
Aligning the organization around Northstar metrics facilitates efficient decision-making.
Different data organization strategies were implemented using cloud storage for cost-effectiveness, focusing on customer and driver data.
Analysis of customer data for Go Food and Go Points vouchers to enhance customer and driver experiences.
Data on bookings, location, driver incentives, and performance used to pinpoint areas for improvement.
Consideration of linking Go Points voucher data with Go Ride transport data for a more cohesive user experience.
Integration of data across product lines to improve overall user satisfaction.
Utilizing data analysis strategies for efficient and creative insights.
Incentivizing users and contacting them at optimal times based on various data points has proven successful.
Exploring unexpected connections between data points can lead to valuable insights.
Analyzing Sudirman with location-based data has revealed traffic patterns and event impacts.
Standardizing data with S2 IDs has streamlined geographical data analysis across multiple products and services.
Ability to track driver location pings without booking information.
Data analysis allowed for identification of drivers' locations at specific times.
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