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How to Learn English On Your Own (for FREE)

Brian Wiles2024-01-19
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The video provides guidance on learning English independently, emphasizing understanding one's proficiency level through a test. It recommends free courses, focusing on listening, reading, and speaking, with a preference for American English. Elsa Speak app offers personalized feedback on pronunciation. Using podcasts, movies, and TV shows aids in language learning. Practice in real-world situations, reading, writing, and speaking is crucial. Consistent daily practice and dedication are key to becoming a fluent English speaker, with a positive and supportive tone towards language learners.

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Tips for Independent English Learning
Importance of taking a proficiency test to assess current level and free courses for foundational skills.
Emphasis on focusing on listening, reading, and speaking at higher proficiency levels.
Highlight on choosing American English as the preferred dialect to study.
Recommendation to use Rachel's English for pronunciation resources and techniques, along with consistent practice and playlists for mastering English pronunciation.
Highlights of English Learning Tools
Elsa Speak offers personalized feedback and lessons on English pronunciation using AI analysis.
Anki is recommended for vocabulary building through flashcards and spaced repetition learning.
Various grammar learning resources are suggested for different proficiency levels, including online courses, Khan Academy, and books.
Listening is emphasized as a crucial skill for understanding real-world English usage.
Using podcasts and watching movies and TV with English subtitles are effective ways to practice listening and improve language skills.
American and British English podcasts are recommended for different proficiency levels in language learning.
Watching movies and TV in English can aid learning at advanced levels, but only with English subtitles.
Improving speaking skills involves regular practice through methods like ChatGPT, self-talk, chatting with online partners, and language immersion.
Importance of practicing English in real-world situations.
Use of online resources like FreeKidsBooks.org and Project Gutenberg for reading materials.
Emphasis on daily practice and setting aside dedicated time for learning English, with specific recommendations for different proficiency levels.
Advanced learners should focus on listening and reading resources, regular speaking practice, and developing writing skills.
Leveraging AI tools like chat GPT for writing practice and feedback.
Tips for becoming a fluent English speaker.
The importance of continuous learning, finding what works for you, and consistent practice.
Encouragement to stay committed to the learning process and not give up.
Viewers are urged to ask questions if needed.
The overall tone of the video is positive and supportive towards language learners.