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幣圈週報🔔比特幣最後大跌預警!?兩大關鍵日「撞期本週」,以太幣 ETF 決定日與美國央行演講❗/微策略入選美國指數,加密貨幣牛回速歸?

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The video discusses the drop in core CPI, leading to high U.S. stock and Bitcoin market gains. China's issuance of special government bonds aims to stabilize its economy amidst crises. MicroStrategy's potential S&P500 inclusion signals Bitcoin growth. The U.S. Senate supports crypto-friendly policies, while BlackRock's ETF approval showcases industry capabilities. Market uncertainty surrounds potential rate cuts, with caution advised on large unlocks. Research and staying informed are crucial for investing in cryptocurrencies amidst market unpredictability. The video serves as a weekly cryptocurrency report, emphasizing the need for a balanced investment approach.

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Record low core CPI in December 2023 leads to stock market highs and Bitcoin market surge.
U.S. stocks hit record highs as core CPI drops below 0.3% for the first time.
Bitcoin market sees a 7% increase in a single day following the CPI data release.
MSCI adds 42 securities, including Micro-Strategy, due to market optimism about rate cuts.
Expectations for interest rate cuts in September rise after the release of CPI data.
Market reacts positively to Bitcoin's 7% rise and U.S. stocks increase.
Ethereum's trend is weak, especially with uncertainty around its spot ETF.
Analysts, like Eric from Bloomberg, are pessimistic about Ethereum ETF approval in this wave, potentially not until 2025.
SEC's deadline for Ethereum spot ETF application approaches, casting doubts on approval.
Concerns about Ethereum's future and market impact persist as Bitcoin's rally outshines Ethereum's performance.
Chinese government issues one trillion yuan in ultra-long-term special government bonds to stimulate economy.
The move is in response to economic challenges such as declining A shares and real estate crisis.
Global economic interconnectedness highlights the importance of stabilizing China's economy.
Special national bonds with up to 50 years duration aim to support long-term growth and innovation.
The bonds offer a unique solution to China's economic difficulties.
Impact of ultra-long-term government bonds in China during financial crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.
Implementation of strong economic measures before a financial tsunami hits to mitigate the effects.
Effects of printing money on market assets and the importance of diversifying investments and controlling risks in a volatile market.
Microstrategy included in the MSCI global standard index for the first time, with Michael Saylor stating that thousands of U.S. retirement funds now require Bitcoin.
Focus on economic strategies in response to crises and the evolving global investment landscape.
MicroStrategy considered for S&P500, signaling growth for Bitcoin.
Integration of Bitcoin into global economy progressing as mining costs decrease.
JPMorgan's statement on mining costs dropping to $45K suggests strategy to suppress currency prices.
Signal may encourage investment in mining companies and hint at future Bitcoin price trends.
News reflects shift in cryptocurrency market dynamics and opens up opportunities for investors and miners.
Investing in companies supporting the Bitcoin industry can be profitable.
Interest in Bitcoin ETFs is on the rise, with many institutional holders involved.
Trust is crucial when choosing investment platforms like Coinbase or Kraken.
Consider investing in established institutions like BlackRock for stability.
Wall Street's interest in cryptocurrencies is increasing, with CME Group launching Bitcoin spot trading to tap into wealth management funds and meet growing demand.
US Senate and White House at odds over SEC cryptocurrency rules.
White House plans to veto Senate vote on overturning SEC rules.
House of Representatives passed bill repealing harmful crypto regulations.
Congressmen working to make bill more friendly towards cryptocurrencies.
Bipartisan support in Senate for crypto-friendly policies, despite potential presidential veto.
BlackRock's successful ETF application highlights their strong capabilities in the ETF market.
VanEck also applied for an ETF but may face rejection, contrasting with BlackRock's success.
BlackRock's decision not to withdraw their application despite potential rejection is seen as brave.
The possibility of a rejected Ethereum ETF causing market panic is debated, with differing opinions on its potential launch in 2024.
The rejection of the ETF could be a significant moment for Ethereum, while anticipation builds for the FOMC meeting and potential rate cuts in September.
Uncertainty in market expectations for interest rate cuts and potential impacts on market behavior.
Federal Reserve statements may influence market fluctuations, leading to panic and potential declines.
AEVO coin's large unlock causing a sharp drop serves as a cautionary example.
Importance of staying informed through sources like the currency circle weekly report is emphasized.
Market reactions to large unlocks may vary, with significant liquidity drops highlighting potential risks.
Importance of Conducting Research Before Investing in Cryptocurrencies.
Research is crucial for understanding market trends, including factors like coin fundamentals, staking plans, reward mechanisms, and project updates.
Caution and a balanced approach are recommended due to the unpredictable nature of the crypto market.
The video aims to provide weekly insights on cryptocurrency trends for viewers.
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