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How a "Real" Musician can use Suno v3 AI Generated Music

Bob Doyle Media2024-03-13
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The video showcases the creative uses of AI in music production, focusing on Sunno Version Three's song generation capabilities. It introduces Band-in-a-Box for creating accompaniments and manipulating instrument tracks. Users can input chords, select styles, and preview results before finalizing. The program also analyzes audio to detect chords automatically. Viewers are encouraged to utilize AI technology in music creation for inspiration and customization, with continuous updates and new features available. The video demonstrates separating vocals from music tracks using vocal remover.org and importing them back for editing. Overall, the video highlights the versatility and potential of AI in music production.

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Creative uses of AI in music generation.
Sunno Version Three can generate songs based on prompts or lyrics, allowing users to create music and sell it as artistic expressions.
The output quality of Sunno is not yet ready for distribution, but tools from the '90s can enhance production quality.
Band-in-a-Box is a program that generates accompaniment in various styles with real musicians playing real instruments, providing high-quality studio-like results.
Overview of PGM Music Program.
Users can generate music in different styles by inputting chords and selecting a style.
The program offers a wide range of features and styles, making it versatile for musicians.
Users can preview styles with chords before making a selection and the program can automatically detect chords from audio.
Recommended for musicians looking to create music beds without paying licensing fees, available for Mac and Windows with continuous updates.
Using Band in a Box software to generate music styles.
Applying styles, muting audio tracks, and previewing different music styles in the software.
Introducing vocal remover.org website to separate vocals from music tracks for free.
Explaining the process of removing vocals from an audio track and saving it as a separate file.
Importing the vocal track back into Band in a Box software for further editing and customization.
The video showcases the use of software for manipulating instrument tracks and customizing sound in music creation.
It stresses the significance of establishing a foundation in music production for later inspiration.
The software demonstrated allows musicians to export their work to other platforms for additional editing.
Musicians are encouraged to incorporate AI technology in their music creation process as a starting point for generating musical material.
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