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NFL & NBA Teams REFUSE to Support PRIDE

Behind the Line2024-06-03
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The video explores backlash against excessive Pride celebrations in mainstream media, with some NFL teams showing minimal support. It discusses NFL team owners' political affiliations, corporations' reluctance to publicly support the pride movement, and speculates on reasons for the resistance towards pride celebrations. The trend shows a decline in momentum for Pride displays in the NFL and NBA, questioning if it's bad for business. Viewers are encouraged to share their thoughts, like, subscribe, and engage further.

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June is a significant month for the woke community, with Pride celebrations and displays.
Corporations and sports leagues face backlash and boycott threats for supporting Pride.
NASCAR and NFL teams receive criticism for their Pride displays, leading to some teams refusing to participate.
Mainstream media pressures public figures to support Pride, with silence viewed as opposition.
Some NFL teams show resistance to displaying support for Pride.
NFL team owners' political affiliations and management styles are discussed.
Gail Benson's management style and hiring decisions for the Saints and Pelicans are criticized.
NFL teams are shown to display both pride and divisions within the league.
Corporations, including Xbox, are reluctant to publicly support the pride movement.
The sudden resistance towards pride celebrations is questioned and possible reasons are speculated.
Backlash and outrage over excessive Pride celebrations.
Mainstream media promoted Pride beyond tolerance, leading to Pride day turning into Pride month.
NHL celebrated Pride throughout the winter.
Pro-Palestinian activists blocked a pride parade route in Philadelphia, showing a shift in support.
Only five NFL teams changed their logo to the rainbow for Pride.
Decline in Pride and Momentum in NFL and NBA Teams.
The segment discusses potential reasons for the decline in pride and momentum in NFL and NBA teams over the past few years.
It questions whether this decline is bad for business.
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