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How Skrillex Uses Limiters and Clippers for Maximum Loudness

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The video discusses the use of clippers in mastering to achieve loud, punchy tracks without sacrificing dynamics. It explains how clippers prevent signals from exceeding a set threshold level, introducing some distortion but offering options like soft and hard clipping. By combining clippers with limiters, the video emphasizes managing transients in the mix before using a clipper as a finishing touch. It also highlights the importance of integrating a clipper early in the mastering chain to achieve consistent average loudness and high-quality results, particularly in EDM genres.

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Overview of Clippers in Audio Production.
Clippers are used in conjunction with limiters to create loud, punchy masters while preserving dynamics.
They prevent signals from exceeding a set threshold level by cutting off any signal over that level.
Clippers introduce some distortion, offering options like soft clipping for mild distortion and hard clipping for pronounced distortion.
It is important to manage transients in the mix before using a Clipper as a finishing touch, emphasizing the importance of achieving loudness in the mix, not just in mastering.
Benefits of using a limiter and Clipper together in compression.
Clipping peaks allows the limiter to work smoothly on the entire track, preserving mix dynamics.
Stabilizing the release response helps match the groove of the track, avoiding abrupt volume changes.
Adjusting the attack parameter controls how quickly the limiter reduces gain, affecting peak protection and punch of the audio.
By combining these benefits, the limiter can achieve the loudest masters possible.
Using a Clipper in the mastering chain can help achieve loud, punchy masters.
Focus on maintaining a consistent average loudness rather than just handling peaks for better results.
The combination of tools leverages both peak control and loudness to produce high-quality audio.
Integrating a Clipper early in the mastering process can take your audio to the next level.
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