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Zed kills VSCode

Alex Ziskind2024-02-28
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The video compares VS Code and Zed editor performance, highlighting Zed's faster rendering speeds due to its GPU-based UI framework. VS Code offers more features like zooming abilities and AI support, making it a preferred choice for many users. While VS Code lacks built-in collaboration features, Zed allows for project sharing and invites. Despite being a startup, the VS Code team is experienced but needs to address bugs and add support for multiple platforms. The speaker prefers using VS Code for its speed and reliability, while keeping Zed for quick edits. Viewers are encouraged to share their thoughts on both editors.

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Zed editor outperforms VS Code in rendering speeds and responsiveness.
Zed is faster at rendering keystrokes and opening files/folders due to its GPU-based UI framework called GPUI.
GPUI interacts directly with the GPU like video game rendering, leading to improved performance.
Zed team open sourced GPUI, resulting in reduced delays compared to VS Code.
Zed editor maintains fast performance even on high-end machines like M2 Max MacBook Pro.
VS Code offers better GPU utilization compared to slower machines like the M1 MacBook Air.
It provides zooming abilities, separate windows for tabs, and co-pilot support with various AI assistants.
Zed lacks developed extensions and AI support, only offering basic themes and language highlighting.
VS Code's flexibility and features make it a preferred choice for many users.
Formatting documents in VS Code using the K command F shortcut.
Formatting occurs automatically upon saving in VS Code.
Comparison to Zed editor's focus on stability and fuzz testing.
Collaboration features in Zed, such as sharing projects and accepting invites, are demonstrated.
Experience with crashes and delays in file editing while using the collaboration feature in Zed.
VS Code does not have a built-in function for sharing projects but offers Live Share as an extension by Microsoft for collaboration.
Live Share feature allows instant sharing of project changes and identifies users making edits.
Despite being a startup competing against Microsoft, the VS Code team is experienced and has a lot of work ahead to catch up in development.
They need to add support for multiple platforms, rewrite UI layers, and address bugs in their GP UI library.
The team is transparent about their progress, documenting everything on their YouTube channel and blog posts.
Benefits of using VS Code over Zed highlighted in the video.
VS Code is praised for its speed and reliability compared to Zed, although Zed is better for quick file edits.
The speaker plans to continue using VS Code as his main tool due to its extensions, but will keep Zed installed for specific tasks.
Viewers are encouraged to share their thoughts on Zed and VS Code in the comments section of the video.
The speaker shows appreciation for the support and engagement of his audience and promotes his channel membership.