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Organic Liquid Supplements for Improving Vitamin D3 & Iron Deficiency

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The video discusses the importance of vitamin D3 and iron supplements for overall health, emphasizing the benefits of liquid forms for better absorption and effectiveness. The speaker shares her personal experience with iron deficiency and highlights the positive impacts on bone strength, immunity, and energy levels. Additionally, the video touches on the potential healing through epigenetics and genetic editing, promoting the use of supplements to address deficiencies and improve overall health.

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Importance of Vitamin D3 and Iron Supplements for Health.
Vitamin D3 is crucial for the speaker due to a genetic mutation, and she suggests a liquid form for better absorption.
The speaker shares her experience with iron deficiency and the benefits of a liquid iron supplement.
Emphasis on the naturopathic nature of supplements and their positive impacts on bone strength, immunity, and overall health.
Highlights of liquid iron supplement discussed.
The supplement contains elemental iron, vitamins, stinging nettle, kelp, and orange flavor, and is recommended for boosting iron levels and energy.
It is suggested to take the supplement on an empty stomach and wait before eating for maximum effectiveness.
Vitamin D3 is emphasized for energy levels and iron balance, with an emphasis on choosing gluten-free options like florides or florovit.
The products mentioned are GMO-free and have been effective in improving iron levels and overall health for the speaker.
Importance of Supplementation for Addressing Deficiencies.
Liquid forms of supplements are highlighted for better absorption.
Mention of potential healing through epigenetics and genetic editing.
Emphasis on symptoms of deficiencies such as low energy, body aches, and hair loss.
Promotes the use of supplements for improving health and addressing underlying issues.