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This Best Ottoman Build Order In AoE4

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This video is a detailed guide on using the Ottoman build order to climb the ladder in Age of Empires. It covers queuing villagers, resource management, early aggression, scouting, and the transition to military production. The strategy focuses on efficiently gathering resources and applying early pressure, making it a versatile and strong approach for players at any level.

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This is a comprehensive guide on a strong build order with the Ottomans that can be used by players of all levels.
The build order starts with queuing up four or five villagers in the town center and sending them to gather stone, while one villager focuses on gathering food.
The next step is to ensure a smooth sheep economy by moving the sheep to the town center.
Early aggression is a key aspect of this strategy, and the video emphasizes its effectiveness against any civilization and on any map.
The video discusses the importance of gathering resources efficiently and scouting the enemy's base to plan the next move.
The focus is on quickly gathering wood, food, and gold to support the early aggression.
Scouting the enemy's base and resources is crucial for determining the best strategy to use.
The video also mentions the optimal time to transition to gold and the importance of having a sufficient number of villagers on gold for constant unit production.
The speaker discusses the strategy of getting early upgrades and maximizing the use of villagers from one Town Center.
The focus is on collecting 250 gold for early upgrades and then transitioning villagers to other resources.
The speaker also mentions the importance of gathering stone and wood for further economic development.
Scouting and maintaining map control are emphasized as important aspects of the strategy.
The section covers the implementation of the build order, including gathering resources, constructing buildings, and training units.
The focus is on producing a large number of archers and villagers to maintain a strong economy.
The player starts scouting the enemy and prepares for a potential early attack.
The video emphasizes the importance of micro-management and keeping the army and economy balanced.
The video demonstrates the execution of the Ottoman build order in a live game, focusing on resource management, unit production, and map control.
The player leverages the strategy's early power spike to apply pressure on the enemy.
Scouting and awareness of the enemy's military production are crucial for adapting the strategy.
The video highlights the ease of the build order execution and its effectiveness in a competitive game setting.
The FAQ section discusses the Ottoman build order's transition and power spikes, and the counterplay against Mass Horsemen.
The transition out of the build order is focused on mid-feudal and early castle timings, with a suggestion to consider aging up around 16-17 minutes.
The FAQ section emphasizes the importance of scouting and adapting to the enemy's strategy, and the ability to switch military focus from archers to spearmen if facing a Mass Horsemen threat.
The FAQ also mentions the ottoman's strength against berggrave rush, with the ability to switch into full Horsemen Spearman and meta on melee armor to defend against it.