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AE Special S03-Ep.05 The Cellwell experience !

ARCTURUS RA2024-04-26
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The video explores various transformative healing experiences using advanced technologies like cell beds and medbeds. Individuals share profound experiences of physical and energetic healing, trauma release, and spiritual growth through these sessions. The technologies facilitate deep cellular realignment, energy modulation, and astral connections, leading to increased awareness, balance, and healing on multiple levels. The transformative effects include DNA activation, chakra realignment, and enhanced spiritual connection, highlighting the potential for profound healing and personal growth through these advanced healing modalities.

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The Wright Brothers build and fly the first motorized airplane, inspired by early attempts at flight with paper planes.
Human DNA is discussed as being older than Earth, touching on star seeds and ancient origins.
The video explores the accelerated decay of food in cities versus natural environments, using an apple in a root cellar as an example.
Bioresonance is introduced through an experiment with avocado seeds, showcasing its potential effects on intracellular modulation and communication within the body.
The benefits of sunlight for cells and overall wellness.
Proper communication between cells is crucial for good health, with bio modulated impulses being key.
The concept of intracellular communication and modulation is explained using examples from natural landmarks.
Resonance with the Earth and understanding magnetic correlations are important for achieving wellness.
Wellness leads to a deeper understanding of metaphysics and physics, enabling miraculous outcomes.
Experience on a cwell bed.
The speaker's physical and light body were scanned, and energy waves realigned his cellular structure.
He felt a journey out of his body and back in, lasting an hour despite feeling like minutes.
Tony also had a positive experience on the cwell bed, providing another testimonial.
Profound experience using cell well technology to amplify consciousness and gain unexpected visions and insights.
Traveling to different places, seeing energy pillars, and encountering ET faces.
Experiencing soreness in the body and reaching a deeper meditative state with heightened awareness of physical sensations.
Expressing gratitude for the transformative effects of the technology and its potential for personal discovery.
Planning to revisit the technology in the future with better preparation.
Speaker's experience with a medbed and meeting their Galactic family.
Feeling a sense of connection and understanding after using the medbed for healing.
Emphasizing the importance of integrating these experiences into life and feeling more in tune with oneself.
Profound healing effects and increased peace and connection with the body.
Sensitivity to vibration and resonance, highlighting the transformative nature of the medbed experience.
Elaine Maros Edelson shares her transformative experience with a sellwell pod session.
She felt her chakra realigning and received confirmation of DNA activation.
Elaine experienced astral projection in a gentle and guided manner.
She highlights the powerful yet gentle nature of the session, noting increased energy levels and a sense of balance and bliss.
Elaine emphasizes the unique use of Photon scalar waves and expresses gratitude for the love and peace she felt during the experience.
The speaker shares their experience with a healing session called Cell Well.
They emphasize the importance of mindset, energy work, and spiritual alignment in the session.
The speaker describes the profound effects of the session on their ability to connect with non-physical energies and explore metaphysical realms.
Unique features of Cell Well, such as torsion fields and magnetics, are highlighted.
The speaker expresses surprise at the intensity of the experience and recommends Cell Well as a transformative practice for enhancing awareness and spiritual connection.
Experience of activating the third eye during meditation.
Feeling visions and expansion in the energy field.
Body feeling numb and taller, embracing intense sensations.
Easy and amazing experience leading to emotional responses and visions without attachment.
Staying present with the body and energy field, recognizing the powerful effect on the sixth Energy Center.
Experiences of individuals in the Cell Well healing bed led to deep trauma release, energetic Kundalini awakening, and profound healing effects.
The bed was described as a powerful tool for balancing and manifesting healing, with individuals feeling intense vibrations, sounds, warmth, and targeted healing in specific body areas.
The immersive experience resulted in emotional releases and significant pain relief, prompting strong recommendations for future sessions.
Overall, the Cell Well was deemed a transformative and impactful healing tool by those who experienced it.
The speaker shares their transformative experience inside a 'cell well' and the integration and healing process that followed.
They recognized the beings inside as incarnations of themselves, leading to more remembrances of their cosmic beingness.
Detailed account of physical and energetic sensations inside the cell well, emphasizing individualized responses to the technology.
The speaker highlights the role of upbringing and programming in shaping one's experience with the cell well.
They note the intelligence of the technology in providing what is needed in the moment for healing and growth.
Man shares his experience using a cell bed in Sedona, Arizona for health issues related to prostate and pancreas.
He felt vibrations throughout his body and experienced pain relief in specific areas.
Session made him feel like he was floating in nothingness and resulted in disappearance of abdominal pain.
Despite not fully understanding how it works, man highly recommends trying out the cell bed for its beneficial effects.
The speaker shares their transformative experience in a medbed, involving energetic buzzing and encounters with Galactic beings.
They describe being shown aspects of themselves stuck in parallel timelines, such as involvement in secret space and super soldier programs.
The speaker successfully disconnects from these timelines and reintegrates those aspects, leading to healing and clarity of mind.
The overall outcome of the experience was a sense of love, connection, and profound healing.
Positive experiences with 5D healing technology.
Speaker describes feeling buzzing and full of light after reintegration process.
Technology recommended for healing purposes, especially for lightworkers.
Another individual shares positive experience with healing pod, relieving pain and raising bodily vibration.
Technology praised for its truly amazing healing effects.