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Inside Sofía Vergara’s Stunning Los Angeles Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

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In this video, Shakira gives a tour of her luxurious and detailed-filled mansion, showcasing her favorite rooms such as the formal dining room, kitchen, family room, outdoor garden, and master bedroom. She also shares personal stories behind some of the unique items and artworks in her home.

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The dining room is a favorite room in the house because of its hand-painted ceiling and 18th-century French tapestry.
The detail in the dining room's ceiling brings the room to life.
The 18th-century French tapestry and collection of China add to the special details of the room.
The cabinets are perfect for displaying and serving food.
The kitchen is a central and popular area for entertaining, with a focus on comfort and a luxurious Lacornue stove.
The kitchen is designed to be comfortable and inviting.
The Lacornue stove is a key feature, even though the owner doesn't cook.
The kitchen is a hub for entertaining with food and friends.
The family room is a central space for gatherings and entertainment, with a view of the pool and backyard.
Every room in the house opens to the pool and backyard, which is a favorite feature.
The family room is where parties and TV watching take place.
The owner collects Crystal Birds and has a special corner for a painting by Fernando Botero.
The outdoor garden area is an extension of the house and a favorite place for the owner to relax and entertain.
The garden has a special energy and is inviting to guests.
The pool area gives a Mediterranean villa vibe with carefully selected plants.
The owner's bedroom is cozy and light-filled, with a special emphasis on the fireplace for a beautiful atmosphere.
The bedroom is described as cozy, with a special four-poster bed and a fireplace from the Waldorf Astoria.
The bedroom receives a lot of light in the morning.
The fireplace, despite being in California, is preferred for both heat and aesthetics.
The designer, AAR, helped the owner achieve the desired look for the house.
The bedroom has a practical sitting area, while the bathroom and closet are highlighted for their beauty and functionality.
The sitting area in the bedroom is practical for preserving the bed's perfection.
The bathroom is described as the most beautiful in the house, with a stunning view from the bathtub.
The closet is a dream for the owner, with organized sections and special items on display.
The closet is a highlight for the owner, designed with organized sections and featuring special items on display.
The closet is organized by color, fulfilling the owner's long-time desire.
Special items in the closet include a picture of the owner's late brother and cousin.
The owner bought a special item at an antique shop in Paris.