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22-Year-Old Immigrant Made $700K in 3 Months with AI

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Alec, a 22-year-old immigrant, founded Aori, an AI-powered research platform for academia, securing $100,000 in funding after initial struggles. Through hard work and dedication, Alec's team overcame setbacks, focused on user needs, and prioritized customer feedback for product success and growth. Their journey showcases the importance of perseverance, customer-centric development, and strategic marketing to attract investors and drive profitability.

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Alec, a 22-year-old immigrant, started Aori, a successful online business in academia.
Aori is a research workflow platform catering to PhD candidates, students, professors, and postdoctorates.
Aori began as a student project and won a pitch competition, receiving $10,000 in prize money.
Alec secured Venture Capital funding for Aori after the pitch competition win.
AI technology, particularly OpenAI, was utilized by Alec to develop a product aiding students in coding, economics, and data science projects.
Entrepreneurial journey of an international student in the US.
Faced with the choice of returning to Vietnam or starting a company with their ideas due to job struggles.
Despite setbacks in pitch competitions, they decided to incorporate their product into a company.
Invested time, effort, and $10,000 into sustaining themselves while aiming to launch on Product Hunt for traction and validation.
Demonstrates dedication and hard work in pursuing their entrepreneurial goals.
Team's dedication pays off after receiving recognition and funding.
Team worked tirelessly for 48 hours straight on product launch preparations, responding to feedback, and fixing issues within a tight deadline.
Recognition from a VC firm led to an invitation to join an accelerator program and a $100,000 investment.
Despite doubts and setbacks, the team remained determined and grateful for the opportunity, showcasing commitment to growth and success.
Funding marked a significant turning point for the team, proving capabilities and dedication to their startup.
The importance of user-focused marketing and digital strategies in attracting venture capital funding.
Building a strong pitch deck is essential for showcasing the company's value proposition.
Founder's dedication to working long hours and creating a conducive workspace environment.
Weekly meetups with investors helped in building relationships and securing funding.
Appsumo's timing was key in generating new leads and engagement opportunities, leading to successful interactions with active users.
Importance of Customer Feedback in Product Development and Business Success.
Focusing on building the best product and customer satisfaction is crucial for success, rather than solely focusing on revenue.
Incorporating user feedback into product iterations leads to increased success and revenue generation.
Startups should aim to create value and solve real problems for customers to drive growth and profitability.
Continuous improvement based on customer input is necessary to build a valuable solution for all users.