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How Powerful is GOD GOBTA, Power & Abilities Explained | Tensura Explained

Anime Rumpai2021-12-09
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The video explores the growth and evolution of Gobta, a goblin who becomes a powerful hobgoblin with impressive combat skills and resourcefulness. Despite his comedic portrayal, Gobta surprises others with his abilities, eventually becoming the captain of the Goblin Riders and showcasing his potential in combat. Through training and battles, Gobta reaches Hazard Class threat level, impresses in tournaments, and even gains the privilege to speak informally with Rimuru. His transformation into a powerful werewolf and eventual awakening as a true demon lord solidify his importance and unique abilities within the storyline.

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The hidden protagonist in 'That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime' is the powerful god Gobta.
Gobta evolves from a goblin to a hobgoblin, showcasing strong battle instincts and sword skills.
Despite his comedic depiction, Gobta amazes others with his competence and knack for escaping captivity.
He rises to become the captain of the Goblin Riders and hones his abilities through Hakuro's guidance.
Gobta's unexpected growth and skills establish him as a formidable character in the series.
Gobta showcases his combat skills and resourcefulness in defeating opponents, receiving enchanted weapons, and gaining unique skills.
He reaches Hazard Class threat level and impresses in a battle tournament with Ranga's help.
Gobta transforms into a powerful werewolf, reaching Disaster Class threat level but lacks control leading to defeat.
Despite this, he earns a prestigious title and receives personal training from Milim.
Gobta's progression highlights his growth and potential in combat ability.
Gobta demonstrates exceptional fighting instincts and masters transformation during the Eastern Empire assault on Tempest.
Despite being outnumbered, Gobta strategically waits for the perfect opportunity to attack and commands efficiently.
Gobta defeats thousands of magical tanks using various skills, showcasing his true fighting instincts.
Gobta gains the privilege to speak informally with Rimuru, signifying their equal social standing.
Gobta's transformation after awakening as a true demon lord places him in the super awaken class, highlighting his unique abilities and importance within the storyline.