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Third Eye Awakening - The New Age False Light Deception

Amy Belair2022-10-15
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The video explores themes of awakening, ascension, and personal growth, highlighting the challenges and transformations individuals may face as they navigate societal shifts and confront deep-seated issues. It emphasizes the importance of embracing change, surrendering to growth, and taking responsibility for one's reality and experiences. The speaker warns against deceptive influences, encourages discernment in spiritual beliefs, and offers courses and mentorship for psychic development and spiritual alignment. Overall, the video promotes self-empowerment, connection to higher consciousness, and the pursuit of true authenticity and personal evolution.

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Collective Dark Night of the Soul affecting unawakened masses.
Prediction of a massive Awakening wave to be experienced.
Current events viewed as part of an inevitable Ascension and Awakening cycle.
Struggle with sharing difficult information but deemed necessary despite fear of causing panic.
Anticipation of challenging next two years, emphasizing the need to be bolder and more transparent in communication.
Symbolism of the Labyrinth and the Shift Towards Ascension and Unity Consciousness.
The Labyrinth represents the journey towards Ascension and Unity Consciousness with multiple shells leading towards the center.
The current shift is compared to a Rubik's Cube being aligned for Awakening and spiritual growth, causing discomfort and upheaval in society.
The upcoming Eclipse season is expected to challenge comfort zones and remove addictive behaviors that maintain cognitive dissonance and victim mentality.
Significant transformation and release of societal structures are anticipated during this period of change.
The Awakening: Embracing Change and Questioning Beliefs.
Many individuals are stuck in default programming from childhood, denying their true potential and living on autopilot.
A shift is occurring, prompting people to question long-held beliefs and awaken to uncomfortable truths.
Some are resistant to this awakening, fearful of confronting issues like pedophilia rings and false flag events.
However, a growing number of individuals are on the verge of awakening, with external factors pushing them to let go of old beliefs.
Embracing change and surrendering to personal growth.
Letting go of limiting beliefs and patterns is necessary for personal growth.
The discomfort and expansion from ego identity fracturing leads to transformative growth.
The journey towards self-discovery and connection to a higher power is transformative.
Cooperation with the process leads to a more expansive and ascended state.
Influence of dark entities on individuals towards dissension rather than Ascension.
Mention of transhumanist agenda, no gender agenda, and the Grays' obsession with genetics.
Shift away from Source consciousness towards harmful agendas highlighted.
Urging of awakened individuals to stay vigilant against these influences.
Emphasis on support and love for those struggling in challenging times ahead.
Prediction of intense energies in 2023 and stabilization by 2024, focusing on being ambassadors for the True Light.
Emphasizing individuals embracing their power as creators and taking responsibility to thrive in the upcoming phase.
Message highlighting that no external forces are more powerful than individuals, urging them to harness their creative power and accept responsibility.
Embracing personal responsibility for growth and healing.
Integrating past traumas and shadow aspects leads to self-sovereignty.
Transmuting trauma allows individuals to create their own reality streams.
Expansion of consciousness through healing positively impacts others.
The concept of reality streams and their influence on individual timelines and possibilities.
Targeting of upper-class populations for infertility issues is explained by reality streams affecting branching timelines.
Accepting oneself as a powerful creator and taking responsibility for creating one's reality leads to thriving.
The intensity of Ascension waves increases, requiring individuals to address ignored issues for personal growth.
Ignoring aspects of reality has ramifications, but it is not presented in a punitive manner.
Warning against dark worship during Halloween.
Emphasizes that Halloween traditions have been manipulated for darker purposes over time.
Expresses concern about trick-or-treating, consumption of candy, and display of dark symbols like skeletons and demons.
Insights are not based on religious superstition but recent revelations questioning the true intentions behind Halloween celebrations.
Origins and Symbolism of Halloween
Halloween is a time when the veil between realms is thin, opening portals to darker astral realms.
There is a warning about the influence of demonic and parasitic consciousness during Halloween.
Unconscious participation in Halloween rituals may give consent to dark energies entering our realm.
It is important to be aware and intentional in our actions during Halloween to avoid negative influences.
Importance of Personal Discernment in Filtering Information
Filtering information through personal discernment using the heart as a guide is crucial for resonating with the truth.
Blindly accepting information is discouraged, and individuals are encouraged to find their own truth.
The speaker offers a class on understanding entities and shares personal insights on past behaviors and patterns related to self-depletion and inherited distortions.
Importance of self-selecting and choosing to receive information and energy.
New Age false light deception is described as a hypnotic trap.
Comparison to a scene from Finding Nemo, where false light is likened to a lure in the deep sea.
Speaker offers a paid master class on understanding dark entities.
Emphasis on taking full responsibility as powerful creator beings.
Discussion on false light deception in spirituality.
Caution against falling for false light and stress on discernment in spiritual beliefs.
Speaker admits to previously falling for deception but now sees it more clearly.
Plan to create content exposing new age false light deception without bashing others.
Acknowledgement of vulnerability to deception and encouragement for viewers to trust their own truth and discernment.
Importance of acknowledging darkness and avoiding spiritual bypassing.
Confronting all aspects of oneself, including the dark side, is essential for embracing personal power and creatorship.
New Age gurus and victim-savior archetypes use deceptive tactics like astral glamor and subtle manipulation to attract followers.
Viewers should use discernment when following such figures and watch out for red flags indicating potential exploitation or ego-driven motives.
The speaker discusses feeling unseen and unrecognized by others, leading to inherited micro traumas that require vigilance to address.
They caution against falling for the astral glamor created by new age gurus, emphasizing the importance of discernment.
New age gurus may use jargon to create a sense of authority and specialness, leading listeners to feel dissatisfied with their own experiences.
The speaker shares their own journey of wishing to be psychic, only to realize they were already psychic.
They stress the need to be aware of how experiences are framed by others and the impact on one's perception of their own abilities.
Issues with Communication on Psychic Experiences.
The English language lacks clarity when discussing psychic experiences, hindering effective communication.
Deceptive Elements of the New Age Movement.
The New Age movement is associated with deceptive elements used by dark forces to deceive and distract individuals.
Risks of Psychic Dependence and Addiction.
Reliance on tools like tarot cards, pendulums, and astrology can lead to psychic dependence and addiction.
Impact of Tarot Cards on Personal Power.
While tarot cards can offer insights, relying too heavily on them can result in a loss of personal power and intuition.
The speaker emphasizes the high price of psychic sessions due to energy and time involved.
The speaker prefers mentorship over one-off sessions to establish deeper connections with clients.
Past experiences with lower-priced sessions revealed patterns of dependence and addiction among clients.
The speaker discusses the concept of false light deception in the New Age community, including spiritual bypassing and denial of darkness.
Deceptive entities in the form of false archangels, ascended masters, and benevolent ETS provide misleading information to keep individuals passive.
These entities serve as intermediaries between individuals and the Divine God source to trap them in the astral realm.
The goal is to prevent individuals from discerning the truth and lead them into a state of inaction and complacency.
It is crucial to exercise discernment when encountering these deceptive entities and not blindly follow their guidance.
Importance of discernment and filtering information when encountering spiritual beings.
Use personal invocation prayers for protection and guidance before engaging with entities like Angels, archangels, ascended masters, and ETs.
Christos and Sophia Consciousness represent a direct connection to God Source creator and the highest Angelic beings.
Filtering information through Christo Sophia consciousness helps discern the authenticity of spiritual encounters.
Importance of Balance for Lightworkers, Starseeds, and Empaths.
Emphasizes the need to avoid extremes of raw empathy and self-absorption in the New Age world.
Integrating shadow aspects and trauma is key to avoiding hijacking by dark entities.
Material gratification and seeking fulfillment through compulsions and achievements can lead to dangers.
Predictive programming can impact manifestations, highlighting the importance of balance in manifestation.
Manifesting from true alignment with God Source versus ego.
Ego-driven manifestation leads to unhappiness and lack of fulfillment in business.
Importance of creating sound frequencies with the harp to influence reality without ego interference.
Shift in focus from business success to aligning with true purpose.
Creating narratives through the harp's sound frequencies.
False light deception preys on lower chakra trauma and distracts with false love and light.
Prioritizes the third eye over the heart, neglecting the heart's power and importance.
Manipulates desires for guidance and specialness, exploiting fears and indecision.
Hinders realization of true power at the center, the christic God Source power.
Importance of understanding the true meaning behind sacred geometry symbols like the Flower of Life.
Caution against relying on external objects like crystals for healing or spiritual growth due to potential for deception and negative influence.
Warning about the risks of connecting with lower astral entities through divination tools like tarot and oracle cards.
Key message is to prioritize a strong connection to God's Source Creator and avoid seeking validation or power through external symbols or practices.
Importance of totality consciousness, serving others, and seeking the highest good.
Emphasis on distinguishing false light from true light, with the former being cold and dead, and the latter being warm and alive.
Speaker shares personal journey through false light deceptions and encourages continual growth of consciousness.
Warning against being trapped by false ceilings from deceptive sources.
Stress on self-discovery and integration of all aspects of oneself.
Summary of Christ Consciousness Teaching
The term Christ relates to connecting to Source Creator, embodying Divine masculine and feminine energies, and integrating this awareness.
It involves dissolving illusions, transforming the holographic realm, and maintaining a high vibration of Grace and love to create a healing energy field.
The journey includes embracing 12-dimensional Consciousness, recognizing illusions, and welcoming expansion without opposition.
The message emphasizes self-empowerment, as individuals are inherently saved, loved, and forgiven without relying on intermediaries.
Importance of clearing chakras for receiving and transmitting psychic information clearly.
A course offered from October 17th to the 23rd for clearing all seven chakras and activating their abilities from November 1st to the 7th.
Course includes trauma transmutation and Shadow Alchemy for deeper healing.
Psychic activation course available for those interested in learning about psychic abilities.
Higher-level Inner Circle mentorship program called 1212 for accessing advanced spiritual teachings.
Ascending into a 12-dimensional consciousness and embodying the Sophia frequency.
The speaker talks about activating the sole mission at the avatar level of consciousness.
Topics covered include forgiveness, cord cutting, quantum space clearing, akashic timeline clearing, past life healing, telepathy, remote viewing, and chakra activation.
The speaker expresses love for the group and invites others to join for personal guidance and access to live programs.
A group hug call is announced for Patreon subscribers on October 16th, providing an opportunity for community engagement and conversation.
The segment highlights courses, modules, master classes, and codes for spiritual awakening and psychic development.
Viewers are encouraged to join the patreon at the lowest tier level for exclusive benefits such as bonus episodes, energy reports, light language activation, and moon transmissions.
Ongoing live programs are mentioned, and viewers are invited to stay updated through the speaker's website, social media, and podcast.
The speaker emphasizes their commitment to providing resources and opportunities for personal growth and connection with the audience.