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Suno AI Advanced Generative AI Music Prompting Tips

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The video demonstrates creating music using AI with Sunu, analyzing top songs for patterns and generating structured lyrics. It explores elements like scratching, guitar solos, and drum solos for music enhancement. It also discusses the use of record scratching in music production, emphasizing its effects and encouraging experimentation.

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Creating music using AI with Sunu.
Lack of documentation highlighted, but insights from analyzing top songs revealed patterns.
AI generates lyrics with structured format including verses, chorus, and bridge sections.
Unique elements like a bridge section and guitar outro in a song uncovered through analysis.
Tips on starting a song with intro, verse, backup singers, and experimenting with scratching, guitar solos, and drum solos emphasized.
The impact of record scratching in music production.
Record scratching is highlighted for its cool and interesting addition to songs.
Experimentation with record scratching is encouraged for viewers to explore its possibilities.
The narrator plans to provide more information on this topic in the video description and on their Patreon page.
Viewers are invited to share their own examples of creative music production.