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ARRIVING IN CHINA... absolute culture shock.

Alina Mcleod2024-03-23
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The speaker documents their journey from Sri Lanka to China, emphasizing the importance of experiencing a place firsthand over media portrayals. They encounter challenges with language barriers and payment methods but adapt by using local SIM cards and Alipay. Despite initial panic and culture shock, the speaker embraces the learning curve in Guango, China, and looks forward to exploring the city further, inviting viewers to join them on the adventure.

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Traveling to China from Sri Lanka and sharing details of obtaining a visa and boarding an Air Asia flight.
The decision to visit China was influenced by curiosity about the country's controversial image and signs pointing towards the trip.
Emphasis on providing a unique perspective on China through travel videos and the importance of experiencing a place firsthand instead of relying on media portrayals.
Anticipating exploring China as a tourist and acknowledging the lack of online content about travel to the country.
Positioning themselves as a 'guinea pig' for viewers in their travel journey to China.
Contrasting experiences in Kuala Lumpur.
Bad experience with limited options followed by a positive one with abundant choices.
Surprise at finding an A&W in Malaysia and pondering its origins.
Highlighting differences in North American chains' menus in Asia.
Panic attack before entering China due to VPN confusion.
Long travel day to Guango, experiencing culture shock upon arrival.
Importance of using Alipay for transactions in China.
Relying on a local SIM card for data and communication upon arrival in a new city.
Challenges encountered with ATM availability and language barriers.
Difficulties faced with taxi apps and language barriers, but successfully reaching the hotel.
Alipay and WeChat are widely accepted payment methods in China, emphasizing the convenience and necessity of setting up Alipay before arrival.
Arrival in Guango, China and the importance of pre-planning.
Emphasis on having local addresses in Mandarin and using AliPay for payments.
Impressed by the city's modernity and cleanliness similar to Japan's technology level.
Noted a learning curve due to limited English-friendliness but excited for the challenge.
Anticipation of learning a lot during the trip and looking forward to exploring the city in the next video, inviting viewers to join.