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THE DISCLOSURE IS HAPPENING | It's real this time and EVERYBODY is talking about it

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The video delves into the suppression of advanced energy technologies throughout history, highlighting inventors like Tesla and Stanley Meyer. It discusses the rediscovery of ancient technologies, the importance of frequencies, and the potential for revolutionary advancements in clean energy. The narrative explores the significance of Consciousness, the exploration of different dimensions, and the balance between empowerment and disempowerment in society. It advocates for a paradigm shift towards implosive power and embracing natural connections for technological advancement and societal progress.

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The suppression of free energy, advanced propulsion, and elemental transmutation in technology.
Discussion on upcoming Cosmic Summit showcasing new technology.
Overview of historical context of suppressed knowledge.
Mention of Malcolm Bendle's plasmoid unification model and practical inventions.
Highlight on disclosure of advanced technologies like zero-point energy and levitating propulsion devices, and global organizations involved in suppressing information.
Historical suppression of advanced knowledge in India and rediscovery of groundbreaking technology by Nicola Tesla.
Discussion on Stanley Meyer's inventions, including water-powered cars and free energy devices, and his mysterious death.
Exploration of energy conservation, zero energy devices, and Tesla's views on energy, frequency, and vibration.
Mention of JP Morgan's funding of wireless communication and power transmission projects, suggesting the suppression of revolutionary technologies for financial gain.
Suppression of Groundbreaking Energy Technologies
Tesla developed a method to harness cosmic rays for power generation in the 1930s, eliminating the need for energy storage.
Funding for Tesla's project was withdrawn, potentially due to threats it posed to existing industries.
Other inventors like Charles POG, Thomas Moray, and Sparky also faced suppression and sabotage of their energy technologies.
The US government enacted the Invention Secrecy Act in 1951 to classify and keep inventions secret if they were deemed a threat to the national economy or security, leading to over 6,000 patents being kept secret.
Malcolm Bendle's groundbreaking work in physics, including cold fusion and implosion-based principles, has attracted global attention and replication.
Despite facing assassination attempts and smear campaigns, Bendle's dedication to sharing his inventions has earned him respect from peers and supporters.
Bendle's mentorship and commitment to advancing scientific progress are evident in ongoing efforts to open-source his work and prevent suppression.
Collaboration with a lab in the Maldives showcases practical applications of Bendle's technological principles, inspired by Tesla's ideas.
The segment explores the rediscovery of lost ancient technologies and advancements in clean energy through sound manipulation and plasmoids.
The inventor discussed is developing prototypes to revolutionize energy production, with potential investment from Mazda for testing.
The segment mentions the suppression of inventions throughout history and the importance of secrecy to avoid interference.
The narrator's journey to spread awareness of his work and the challenges faced are also highlighted in the segment.
Randall Garson's contributions to science through sharing his work on ancient sacred numbers and plasma energy.
He risked his reputation to spread these ideas, resulting in major advancements in technology.
His openness led to unintended violation of a non-disclosure agreement with Mazda.
Despite setbacks, Garson remains dedicated to sharing knowledge and research for scientific advancement.
His commitment showcases a strong dedication to advancing scientific understanding and innovation.
Inventor's technology proven to reduce pollutants and increase oxygen levels.
Model based on geometry and frequency, creating a unified model of physics.
Technology produces pure, unpolluted air.
Controversy surrounds the inventor, but practical application shows promising environmental impact.
The speaker and his wife struggled to understand Malcolm's notes on Vortex based mathematics and connected with Marco Roden.
Malcolm presented the thunderstorm generator at a conference, sparking Marco's interest.
The speaker created a video on the generator, leading to an invitation from Malcolm to witness it in Melbourne.
The importance of the King's Chamber frequency in hydrogen was highlighted during the visit.
Time dilation, contraction devices, and the significance of 64 planes in the universe were discussed.
The significance of transitions, time dilation, and the relationship between time, energy, and matter in understanding the universe.
Gravity is discussed as time dilation, with the sun playing a role in imprinting time on matter.
The importance of specific frequencies in music and the resonance of stones in the Kops pyramid are explored.
A turbine's unique design is highlighted to demonstrate perfect symmetry and opposite pulses.
The speaker emphasizes the need for a paradigm shift to address societal and environmental challenges.
The speaker discusses the challenges of navigating interest in Malcolm Bendle's technology.
The speaker faced overwhelming communication and accusations of being a scammer.
Offers were made to fund a movie version of the story, but the speaker emphasizes the genuine nature of the technology.
High-level individuals are reluctant to discuss Malcolm Bendle's technology publicly.
The segment explores the complexities of individuals involved in such fields and the speaker's personal reflections on the situation.
Speaker discusses research and experiences, including connections to John Keeley and Walter Russell.
Interest in rebuilding the periodic table based on natural curvature.
Criticism of the current periodic table layout for not showing relationships between elements.
Decision to leave school to pursue the project after a disagreement with a professor.
Emphasis on understanding relationships and the need for a new approach to organizing the periodic table.
Discussion on elements, tones, frequencies, and properties.
Explanation of wave conjugations and characteristics of hydrogen, carbon, silicone, Cobalt, and other elements.
Importance of understanding balance and interactions between elements in the periodic table.
Mention of DNA structure, isotopes, and impact of introducing substances like arsenic.
Reference to CERN and its connection to ancient Egypt, hinting at future scientific discussions.
Experiments conducted by CERN involve sending atoms at high speeds to analyze collisions and discover particles like quarks and muons.
Concerns were raised about the creation of microscopic black holes, but CERN's research may actually be aiming to create stable wormholes for faster space travel.
NASA has discovered naturally occurring portals called X points around Earth and the Sun, hinting at the possibility of using these portals for space travel.
Ancient texts mention technologies like the Jed pillar ank that could resonate to the owner's frequency and act as portals for travel.
The importance of Consciousness and frequency in shaping reality.
Different dimensions and universes have specific frequencies associated with them.
Matter is seen as a product of Consciousness in this perspective.
The video challenges the modern Western scientific paradigm and calls for a deeper understanding of Consciousness.
Emphasis on acknowledging global legacy and hidden history to build knowledge on a solid foundation for the future.
The segment explores the concept of Good and Evil, emphasizing empowerment and disempowerment.
The importance of spiritual connection and accessing the wisdom of the akashic record for technological advancement is highlighted.
The fear of the establishment towards spiritual connections and the potential for free power and resources through symbiotic relationships with plasma are discussed.
The choice between empowering or disempowering others is emphasized, with a focus on empowering humanity through understanding and utilizing natural connections and energies.
Importance of structured plasma and connection to the most powerful entity in the universe.
Emphasis on being conscious of our existence as organic life forms and the disconnect from nature.
Criticism of explosive technology inefficiencies and advocacy for implosive power for energy distribution.
Call for societal maturity to challenge existing systems and embrace alternative paths.