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All Psychics Are SCAMMERS The Real Truth Revealed

Akvile Sava2024-05-24
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The video explores the concept of psychics, emphasizing that everyone possesses psychic abilities to some extent. It discusses the fluidity of perception, the interconnectedness of past lives and dimensions, and the importance of being present and aware. The speaker highlights empathy, perception, and aligning with others based on values and experiences. It encourages personal growth, self-reliance, and dropping labels to embrace higher selves. Overall, the video promotes understanding, empathy, and open-mindedness in relationships and personal development.

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Common misconceptions about psychics.
Psychics are often portrayed inaccurately in media and by individuals seeking profit.
Everyone possesses psychic abilities to some extent, such as feeling the urge to contact someone who then reaches out.
Guessing time accurately or sensing changes in familiar individuals are examples of psychic abilities inherent in all humans.
Possessing psychic abilities does not make individuals inherently special or chosen.
The segment discusses the ability to perceive sensory perceptions and how it can be trained.
Having these abilities does not make someone special or superior to others, but rather a subjective perception.
The speaker warns against misconceptions of certain individuals being "chosen" or "special".
Personal truths and understandings can evolve over time based on new experiences and information.
The segment highlights the fluidity of perception and reality.
Importance of Looking Beyond Psychic Predictions
Understanding past lives and emotions is crucial in expanding our understanding of the universe.
Language often falls short in expressing complex concepts, posing a challenge in articulating perceptions.
Time is viewed as a construct of consciousness, with past lives, futures, and dimensions coexisting in the present.
Different densities and dimensions are interconnected, promoting a holistic view of existence.
Emphasis on consciousness and awareness in the present moment.
Past lives and future experiences are viewed as happening now based on the shift of consciousness.
Importance of focusing on different frequencies and information in the present moment.
Analogy of looking at different countries on Google photos to illustrate being present and aware of various aspects of reality.
Key point is to tap into different aspects of oneself to gain knowledge and awareness in the present moment.
The importance of empathy and viewing things from different perspectives is emphasized in the segment.
Psychic abilities are discussed as a trainable skill based on noticing subtle details and cues in interactions.
Observing non-verbal cues is highlighted as a significant way to understand others' emotions and states of mind.
The concept of Soul family and guides is likened to choosing a car, showcasing the importance of connections with others.
Viewers are encouraged to develop their perceptiveness and empathy towards others for overall personal growth.
The concept of alignment with different aspects based on current understanding, values, logic, and experiences is discussed in the video segment.
Aligning with someone does not make them special, but rather reflects our current feelings of familiarity and similarity.
Exploring connections beyond the familiar is encouraged, indicating that soul families can change as frequencies and understandings evolve.
Relationships are compared from kindergarten to work, highlighting the varying degrees of closeness felt with different individuals throughout life.
Importance of connecting with people who align with your values and understanding.
Emphasizes that everyone has different perceptions and values, leading to varied experiences and connections with others.
Discusses psychics not being inherently special and individuals using their abilities to strengthen different aspects of themselves.
Suggests that learning to evaluate situations and emotions can enhance awareness and relationships.
Importance of Allowing Others into Your Personal Space
Evaluating trust and connections with different people is crucial for personal growth and understanding.
Training the 'muscle' of understanding and connecting with others is emphasized for developing empathy and consciousness.
Everyone is special and equal, with the potential for growth and connection through increased awareness of others' perspectives.
Prioritizing training this 'muscle' is essential, as everyone has the capacity for growth and connection.
Challenges of explaining perceptions and realities using language.
Limitations of words and definitions make conveying thoughts and feelings difficult.
Translating personal experiences into words is complex and subjective.
Articulating meaningful concepts is a struggle.
Representing inner thoughts and emotions accurately through language is a constant challenge.
Perception of truth and understanding in communication.
Personal filters and lie detectors influence how individuals interpret information from others.
Reality is subjective and evolves with new information and experiences.
Acknowledging diverse perspectives is crucial for effective communication and understanding.
Personal experiences shape beliefs and truths, highlighting the fluidity of subjective perception.
The importance of self-trust and focusing on personal consciousness over external validation or guidance.
Emphasizing the alignment of beliefs, values, and logic with personal experiences for personal growth.
Encouraging the development of intuition and understanding rather than relying on others for direction.
Highlighting the complexity of interpreting information and the significance of choosing where to direct attention and focus.
Promoting self-reliance and self-trust as key components of personal growth and development.
Embracing personal understanding and higher selves.
Sharing perceptions and stories to broaden understanding and potentially discover new truths.
Personal understanding evolves based on information and experiences.
Inviting discussion and open-mindedness without judgment.
Beliefs are fluid and can grow through diverse perspectives.