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【AI新手必看2024】ChatGPT從入門到精通,23個使用技巧完整教程,讓賺錢&工作效率翻100倍!ChatGPT Tutorial for Beginners, 23 tips tricks!

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The video provides tips on utilizing CHATGPT effectively, emphasizing the importance of assigning roles and improving prompts. It discusses the benefits of HIGPT for personalized content suggestions and content creation strategies. The segment also explores the use of AI plug-ins, task prioritization with GIGPT, and creating images with CHRGPT. Additionally, it covers the comparison of GPT models, email communication tips, and personal writing styles. The video concludes with a focus on the efficiency and limitless capabilities of the GPT AI system for quick information retrieval and comprehension.

✨ Highlights
📊 Transcript
Tips for using CHATGPT to improve prompts and assign roles.
Assigning roles before working with GPT is crucial for better results.
Using HIGPT for generating well-written messages and assigning roles to characters.
Adding flavor to prompts and utilizing HRGPT for creating diverse conversations.
Contrasting responses between GIGBT and HRGPT, focusing on flexibility and adaptability in various styles.
HIGPT providing personalized content suggestions based on individual circumstances.
Speaker aims to reach 10 million YouTube subscribers by the end of the year and stresses tailored content strategies.
HHHPT is mentioned as a preferred structure for effective content creation.
Viewers are encouraged to provide feedback for improvement, with promises of high accuracy in content recommendations.
Emphasis on the importance of content background information and action for enhancing content strategy and viewer engagement.
Highlights of Plug-in Module Selection and AI Diagram Usage
The video talks about selecting plug-in modules and browsing plugin stores for convenience.
It emphasizes the ease of installation and completion of the AI plugin setup process.
Detailed AI flowcharts creation and use of AI command within the plug-in are showcased.
Importance of AI in intelligence, creation of advanced hierarchical diagrams, and introduction of Cha GPT plugin for task list generation are highlighted.
Discussion on practical applications of GPT models in tasks.
Examples of tasks that can be completed using GIGPT are provided.
Emphasis on the need for time estimates for each task.
Importance of clear task descriptions and sharing with colleagues is highlighted.
GPT models' ability to differentiate between models and understand input errors is acknowledged.
Creating images in CHRGPT using Dollar three for quick and colorful results.
Users can click on the information button for details and prompts related to the images.
Duplicating and editing prompts allows users to create new pictures or express satisfaction with existing images.
Managing and organizing chat logs is made easy with features like archiving and deleting conversations for a cleaner interface.
Tips for avoiding repetitive commands in GPT responses.
Users can input similar commands freely by clicking on the face icon for customizable options.
Importance of providing information to GPT for generating better responses.
Narrator hints at his location, work in plant biology, and living on a star in the year 2040.
Request for HR GPT to respond according to the narrator's perspective, with the process being straightforward and somewhat automatic, allowing for saving conversations for later reference.
Benefits and features of the GPT AI system.
Efficiency in learning large amounts of content quickly.
Emphasis on summarizing and extracting key points for rapid comprehension.
Potential for limitless capabilities in human-like AI extensions.
Recommendation to frequently utilize the GPT system for fast processing and interpretation of content.
Discussion on the use of class comparison command and its enhanced suitability in certain scenarios.
Comparison of DNA as a life creation concept and upgrading DNA comparison into construction.
Adjusting writing styles and email communication for international clients, emphasizing clarity.
Importance of precise language in emails to convey professionalism and avoid misunderstandings.
Emphasis on modifying email language for accuracy and professionalism.
The speaker reflects on the impact of skipping classes and feeling unhappy.
The speaker discusses changing their writing style at age 18 and becoming a fitness blogger on Instagram.
Emphasis is placed on expressing character traits through writing style and specific character roles.
The speaker desires to make their writing style and character roles as unique as possible.
The importance of showcasing individuality and character traits in writing and social media is highlighted.
ChatGPT offers easy voice conversation on the phone app with customizable voices for seamless communication.
Emphasizes on healthy lifestyle by controlling diet, reducing sugar and high-fat foods, and incorporating more vegetables.
Recommends weekly exercises including aerobic and strength training for optimal health.
Users can track diet and exercise plans for a month to achieve health goals.
Suitable for families and provides advanced data analysis for paid GPT4 users.
Use of AI technology, specifically GPT4 and ChatGPT, for web browsing capabilities.
Emphasizes importance of creating content for YouTube videos and effectiveness of these tools in content creation.
Development of GPT store by ChatGPT and exploration of GPT store interface.
Touches upon different types of GPT models like Chai GPT and their functionalities in virtual assistance and online platforms.
The benefits of using a GPT model for problem-solving and its flexibility in addressing various issues.
Personal experiences shared by the speaker on using a GPT model and highlighting the simplicity of the process.
The availability of GPT builders for customization and the ease of generating responses based on prompts.
Emphasis on the practicality and user-friendly nature of GPT models for a wide range of applications.