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Huge Midjourney Update: Consistent Characters, Step-by-Step Tutorial

AI Concoction2024-03-17
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Mid Journey's new feature allows users to create consistent character designs by adjusting parameters like character weight based on a reference image. Higher weight values yield more detailed images resembling the reference. Users can use multiple image references for unique designs but may need to experiment with settings. The tool is best for replicating styles, but details like freckles or intricate clothing may not translate accurately. It is not intended for real people or photos. Despite limitations, there is potential for future improvements in this feature.

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Mid Journey introduces a new feature for creating consistent characters using a base image as a reference.
Users can adjust parameters such as character weight to customize the level of detail in the generated images.
Different values of character weight impact the resemblance of the generated images to the reference image.
Multiple image references can be incorporated to create unique character designs, requiring experimentation with settings for desired results.
The process involves copying image links and adjusting parameters to control clothing, hairstyles, and facial features.
Incorporating character and style references for specific style emulation.
Use of a parameter to add weight allows for closely following reference style, creating images resembling the original.
Tool may not replicate exact styling details like freckles or intricate clothing across generations.
Best used with images generated by the tool and not intended for real people or photos.
Despite flaws, potential for future developments in this feature.