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Nikola Tesla - Limitless Energy & the Pyramids of Egypt

After Skool2019-10-15
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The video explores Nikola Tesla's belief in the higher purpose of the Egyptian pyramids, their connection to universal truths and ancient civilizations, and the significance of numbers 3, 6, and 9. It delves into the mysteries of Enki, Isis, and Osiris, suggesting genetic codes and amphibian genes were involved in their stories. The Great Pyramid's design, alignment to true north, and connection to astronomical phenomena are discussed, along with its potential role as a historical tool for understanding Earth's dimensions. The video also touches on the transition to the Age of Aquarius, the significance of numbers like 72, and the evolving language of mathematics in conveying ancient knowledge and influencing human consciousness.

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Nikola Tesla's belief in the higher purpose of the Egyptian pyramids and his attempt to harness their energy.
Tesla's electromagnetic pyramid design was influenced by the pyramids' location and energy fields.
Tesla's obsession with the numbers 3, 6, and 9 led him to believe in universal laws of mathematics.
The pyramids may have been built to convey universal truths and connections to ancient civilizations like the Sumerians.
Tesla's theories and discoveries suggest a deeper understanding of the power of ancient knowledge and mathematics.
Depiction of Hannes in fish costume symbolizes Brotherhood.
The figure of Hannes and sages may have reemerged post-flood to share knowledge.
Enki's connection to Egyptian depictions and construction of the Great Pyramid.
Questions raised about Osiris' genetics and mysterious death by Set.
Isis associated with underground passageways at Giza Plateau, resurrection of Osiris, and creation of Horus using genetic code.
The Great Pyramid's core dates back to an earlier period, possibly linked to the clan of Osiris harnessing universal powers.
The pyramid is connected to the afterlife and contains texts similar to the Book of the Dead.
Its design incorporates geometric relationships reflecting the music of the spheres and creation of form in the physical world.
The unique concave sides and intricate geometry reveal hidden numbers and constants, suggesting a deeper encoded message.
The deliberate choice of latitude 30 for the pyramid's location indicates a connection to astronomy and intentional design.
The Great Pyramid's alignment to true north demonstrates remarkable accuracy despite its size.
Scaling the pyramid's dimensions by 43,200 reveals the Earth's equatorial circumference and polar radius.
This connection implies a deliberate link between the pyramid and Earth's dimensions, possibly serving as a tool for understanding the planet's size.
The video also explores how ancient cultures observed celestial events, such as the pole star's changing position, indicating a profound interest in astronomy.
Transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius involves zodiacal ages lasting 2160 years.
Earth's processional motion leads to the shift in constellations.
Significance of the number 72 in ancient mythology and its presence in various cultures worldwide is explored.
Great Pyramid's connection to key numbers, including 72 and 43,200, is noted.
Alignment of Angkor in Cambodia with Giza in Egypt at 72 degrees of longitude suggests a deeper ancient connection and potential global code communication.
Evolution of communication towards mathematical concepts.
The Great Pyramid as a silent language communicating through mathematics.
Encouragement to seek answers internally rather than externally.
Integration of science and spirituality in modern thinking.
Exploration of ancient monuments' influence on human consciousness and perception of time and space.