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Learn Live: Emit

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The video showcases Emit, a granular sample playback device that visually transforms sound through a spectrogram. Users can adjust parameters like emitter size, position, and angle to create unique effects. It covers speed, rate, lifetime, pitch manipulation, bandpass filtering, panning, volume envelopes, and modulation with LFOs and envelopes. The segment also discusses LFO rate and shape adjustments, MIDI note retriggering, and optimizing CPU usage by processing samples as mono. Overall, it highlights the versatility and creative possibilities of Emit for sound design and manipulation.

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Overview of Emit granular sample playback device.
The device transforms sound visually through a spectrogram using emitters to generate particles that play back tiny audio grains.
Users can manipulate emitter size, position, angle, and direction for unique effects.
Options like Edge behavior, particle creation rate, lifetime, and randomness add variation to the sound.
Adjusting Force and Friction affects particle movement dynamics, offering versatility in sound design.
Adjusting parameters like Speed, Rate, and Lifetime affects audio playback.
Switching between Cursor modes allows control over particles.
Manipulating audio pitch can be done with Glide and Blur.
Bandpass filter frequencies can be set based on particle positions.
Panning particles, applying volume envelopes with Fade, and using LFOs and envelopes for modulation are also discussed.
Adjusting the rate and shape of the LFO, syncing to the master clock, and offsetting phase.
Retriggering the LFO with MIDI notes and using envelopes to modulate pitch.
Switching between automatic particle generation and MIDI mode for control over pitch and rhythm.
Making various adjustments to create a consistent sound and fuller output from different emitters.
Optimizing CPU usage by processing samples as mono, adjusting global gain, and integrating with drums and bass.