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Learn Live 12: Live’s Browser

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The video explores Live's browser, providing access to instruments, sounds, and effects for projects. Users can manage collections, customize content organization, and create custom instruments and effects with the Max for Live extension. The tutorial covers adding, editing, and removing tags and groups, filtering search results, and loading sounds or samples into projects. The browser's sections include Collections, Library, and Places, with the Library containing Live's built-in contents and the Places section facilitating user content addition. Overall, the video offers a comprehensive guide to maximizing the browser's features in music production.

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Overview of Live's browser functionality.
Users can access instruments, sounds, and effects for projects and customize browser view.
Sections include Collections, Library, and Places for organization and categorization of content.
Library contains Live's built-in content, while Collections and Places allow for custom organization.
Max for Live extension enables custom instrument and effect creation, and Places section facilitates user content addition.
Managing collections in the browser for easy organization and access.
Adding items to collections, using number key shortcuts, and filtering items with labels.
Renaming, hiding, and removing collections, as well as utilizing filters to search for specific sounds by tags.
Adding, editing, and removing tags and groups, searching for items using the search bar and hash symbol, and navigating browser history.
Finding, previewing, adjusting volume, and loading sounds or samples into projects from the browser.