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LIVE STREAM - Creature Drawing (a Dragon!)

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A sale on animation courses is ongoing with prices at $5 or less, including a Procreate course for $1. Limited edition Disney prints are available, and memberships signed by Aaron Blaze and Tony S are eligible for a free signed ornament. The importance of lighting in art and various drawing techniques are discussed, along with recommendations for affordable online courses. The speaker shares their passion for teaching and industry work, emphasizing the importance of shoulder usage over wrist and fingers in art. The segment concludes with discussions about upcoming in-person events, hidden messages in Disney movies, and ongoing holiday sales on the website.

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Special sale on animation courses and limited edition Disney prints.
Animation courses priced at $5 or less, including a Procreate course for $1.
Limited edition Disney prints available, only 100 being made.
Buy one get one free sale on annual memberships, signed holiday ornaments included.
Memberships signed by Aaron Blaze and Tony S eligible for a free signed ornament inspired by Brother Bear.
Discussion on giveaways, drawing techniques, and animated movie experience.
Ornaments offered to members who sign up before December 25th, along with various drawing techniques and answering questions on downloadable files, creature designs, and work on movies like Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin.
Recommendation of affordable online courses for aspiring animators and highlighting the abundance of training resources available on the internet.
Challenges of accessing art education in India and the rising costs of traditional art schools in the U.S. are also discussed.
Importance of understanding anatomy and playing with form and rhythm in creature ideation and drawing techniques.
Working at 24 frames per second for animations and averaging about 8 seconds per shot.
Tips for overcoming art block by starting with simple drawings and allowing creativity to flow.
Different ways cartoon eyes can be portrayed in animations, focusing on stylization and art direction in character design.
Creature Art Teacher sales and promotions on creatureartteacher.com.
Buy one get one free deal on annual premium memberships.
Special on memberships with a chance to receive a free signed ornament.
12 Days of Christmas sale on animation courses priced at $5 or less for one day only.
Discussions about live watercolor workshops and the artist's approach to drawing in grayscale for lighting contrast.
Highlights of Online Animation Training
Online training for animation is accessible and recommended, with various courses available for digital drawing and animation software like Procreate.
Anatomy is emphasized early in creature design, with texture and lighting also key considerations.
The use of a Wacom Cintiq 32 Pro for drawing is highlighted, with live streams of drawing sessions available for replay on YouTube and Facebook channels.
Technical difficulties with recording equipment are mentioned, impacting the ability to save streams automatically on Twitch.
Collaboration with Disney animator Mark Henry, who retired after 43 years at Disney.
Collaborated on animated characters such as Belle, Beast, Jasmine, Simba, and Nala.
Learned animation techniques from Mark and his contribution to creating iconic Disney princesses.
Admiration for Mark's prolific career and impact on animation.
Brief mention of World Peace and random drawing activities on Twitch.
Speaker's passion for teaching, industry work, and music.
Started career in illustration, transitioned to animation through Disney internship.
Emphasizes importance of shoulder usage to prevent carpal tunnel issues.
Focusing on completing project Snow Bear before planning future in-person events.
Discussion on upcoming plans for an in-person meeting and a barbecue rib night event.
Clarification that there are no hidden messages in Disney movies, just Easter eggs.
Animator Ruben Aquino's work on various Disney characters is highlighted.
Artist discussing filling in silhouettes for a new creature design.
The importance of relating creature designs to habitat in the design process is emphasized.
Importance of understanding environment in creature design course on creatureteer.com.
Tips for creating different expressions for a cat's face and making a good silhouette in art.
Discussion on animated characters like Simba and Nala, and Don Bluth.
Information on ongoing Christmas sales for memberships on creatureartteacher.com.
Various products available for purchase include photo packs, brushes for Photoshop and Procreate, animation courses for $5 or less, and a new art book.
Limited availability of signed books and the importance of ordering soon for Christmas delivery is emphasized.
Discussion on animation training and the importance of artists being able to adapt their styles in a studio setting.
Speaker shares personal experience studying animation at Disney and maintaining a consistent style in a studio environment.
Highlights of Animation Techniques and Courses
Discussion of fundamentals of animation, acting for animation, and breaking down complex shots.
Emphasis on character interaction, dialogue, and complex turnarounds in animating shots.
Mention of wildlife photography work by the speaker.
Information on where to find photography references online.
Procreate Dreams is recommended as the best app for animation on the iPad, known for its user-friendly interface and functionality.
A course on how to use Procreate is available for $1, created by the speaker to help users improve their skills.
Drawing from life is advised to enhance imaginative drawing skills for animation.
The storage required for rendering a Procreate film varies based on the number of layers used in the animation.
Tips for improving line work during the cleanup stage of animation are provided, emphasizing the significance of different stages in the animation process.
Artist discusses playing with lighting effects and shadow in illustration work.
Artist mentions adding detail without slowing down process and using underlighting for specific composition.
Conversation includes mention of a 2D animated feature film from the Benof brothers and potential religious film projects.
Recommended beginner courses on the website are also discussed.
Artist suggests using pressure sensitivity for opacity control when applying local color with pastel sea brush.
Tips for using color brushes in digital art.
Turning off pressure sensitivity helps avoid streaks and overlaps.
Viewer from Alaska thanks host for availability.
Host expresses interest in visiting Alaska.
Recommendations for drawing dragons and practicing consistently.
Mention of ongoing holiday sales on website for animation courses.
CreatureArtTeacher.com introduces new holiday merchandise including mugs, books, puzzles, and Christmas designs.
Aaron Blaze considers offering a class on drawing birds like parrots and songbirds, in addition to raptors.
Rim lighting in art and photography is discussed, highlighting the significance of lighting for dramatic impact.
Procreate is suggested for creating animated short films on iPads, while TV paint is recommended for Mac or PC users.
Creating animation short using Procreate Dreams on iPad.
Procreate Dreams software is praised for quality and accessibility at a $20 price point.
Feature-length animation course called Snow Bear in development as a training platform for aspiring animators.
Membership to website offers access to live streams of animation process, providing real-time look into studio.
Creators considering sequels to short animation and engaging with audience through interactive streams.
Summary of Aaron Serrano's upcoming course on backgrounds and layout for $5.
Plans for future animal drawing courses, specifically focusing on domestic cats.
Comparison between traditional and digital mediums for drawing, highlighting the patience needed for animation.
Aaron's known patience in animation work and his habit of saying "there we go" when correcting mistakes.
Brief discussion on drawing with a Wacom tablet and adjusting webcam angle for viewers.
Highlights from YouTube Video Segment.
The segment discusses the benefits of working on paper versus digitally for art.
The preference for showing hands in videos is highlighted as a way to engage the audience.
Viewers are recommended to follow Aaron on YouTube for tutorials and lessons on art.
A comparison between the Gene Wilder and Tim Burton versions of Willy Wonka is made.
The segment mentions meeting Corridor Crew, a channel focusing on visual effects, and their recut of movies with added visual effects.
Favorite Miyazaki films discussed including Princess Mononoke, Castle in the Sky, and Howl's Moving Castle.
Mention of Miyazaki's first directed feature and viewer opinions on Blue Samurai film.
Conversation about the Kung Fu Panda trailer and animated Jungle Book stories.
Reissuing of books also touched upon in the segment.
Upcoming courses on the website include backgrounds by Armand Serrano, color and texture by David Coleman, and primates.
Plans for future courses include drawing animals from life and photography through wildlife.
Membership on the website provides access to all courses released over the next 12 months.
Totaling over 700 hours of content.
Discussion on BOGO membership offer, gift options, and course content.
Courses on drawing imaginary creatures and digital painting in Photoshop are highlighted.
No immediate plans to bring back Aaron Blaze book volume one, but a waitlist may be considered.
Conversation about favorite Christmas albums and opinions on animation software.
Positive feedback on past in-person classes and plans for future sessions.
Aaron Blaze Volume 2 book release.
250 pages of digital and traditional paintings, professional work, and personal art.
Designed to complement Volume 1 and preview Volume 3 content.
Shipping costs around $24 in the US with a conversion to pounds provided.
Limited-time offers on animation courses at creatureartteer.com, including fundamentals, acting, and storyboarding.
Limited edition Disney drawings prints on sale with only a few left.
Prints feature characters drawn during live streams by Ain.
Smaller Sketchbooks still in stock.
Inquiries about combined shipping with art book volume two.
Importance of Lighting in Art
Lighting adds life and form to artwork, with courses available on painting light and dynamic lighting in figures for $5.
Recommendations for Books on Art
Suggestions for books on learning to draw and paint, including a book on color by James Giey and books on animal anatomy.
Future Course Mention
Potential future course by Terrell on the website, experimenting with lens flare in artwork.
Special holiday giveaway for Brother Bear 20th anniversary Christmas ornament, signed by Aaron Blae and Tony Cypriano.
Members can enter to win by signing up before December 25th.
The importance of adding contrast, texture, and value to artwork is highlighted.
Emphasis is placed on paying attention to details and silhouette in art.
Viewers are encouraged to tune in to upcoming live streams on Tuesdays and Thursdays and become a member for more content and prize opportunities.
Special Christmas stream planned for next Friday, offering discounted courses and limited edition books.
Viewers encouraged to become members for exclusive benefits and access to upcoming content.
Excitement for the holiday season and end of the year expressed by the host.
Dragon Fire artwork showcased during the stream.
Positive and engaging atmosphere throughout the segment.