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Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo discusses his transition from tech to comedy, emphasizing the value of exploring different passions. He highlights the importance of prioritizing personal interests over traditional job offers, taking risks, and following one's passions. Costolo shares experiences from improv comedy training at Second City, leadership skills gained, and the significance of listening in effective management. He advocates for doing what you love to excel in your field, embracing machine learning's potential for innovation, and receiving honest feedback from mentors for career growth and resilience. The speaker also recalls impactful moments like dealing with international political events and communication issues on Twitter, stressing the power of storytelling and imagery in facing business challenges.

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Dick Costolo discusses his transition from tech to comedy and the importance of diverse experiences in shaping his career.
Costolo shares how his background in computer science led him to pursue acting and stand-up comedy.
He highlights the value of exploring different passions and taking risks in career decisions.
Costolo's decision to prioritize personal interests over traditional job offers demonstrates the benefits of following one's passions.
Importance of improv training in leadership skills.
Speaker shares experience at Second City in Chicago and transition to tech industry.
Emphasis on listening in improv and drawing parallels to effective management in Silicon Valley.
Highlight on gathering feedback, listening to teams, and avoiding decisions based on incomplete information.
Advice to students to pursue passions over succumbing to external pressures in careers.
Importance of pursuing passion for success and resilience.
Emphasizes personal experiences of taking risks and making an impact.
Story of interacting with the President of Russia on Twitter showcases unpredictability.
Encourages embracing opportunities as they come, as planning may not always lead to significant outcomes.
Highlights that impactful events often happen spontaneously.
Importance of doing what you love to excel in your field.
Machine learning's impact on shaping consumer trends, specifically in Twitter's algorithm.
Potential of machine learning in healthcare to revolutionize decision-making processes, with ethical implications.
Story of Alphago beating the world Go champion demonstrates AI's unexpected brilliance in making strategic moves.
Recognizing the transformative power of machine learning across various domains and a call to embrace its potential for innovation and ethical considerations.
Importance of resilience and quick correction of mistakes for great CEOs.
Admitting to errors and learning from them promotes a culture that embraces mistakes.
Twitter's experience of going public in 2013 showcased resilience amidst stock price fluctuations.
Company value can change rapidly, emphasizing the need for adaptability and effective challenge management.
Speaker's involvement in international political events and role of Twitter in organizing protests.
Speaker worked with Google to ensure Twitter access during government shutdowns.
Transitioned from tech CEO to participant in political conversations at the White House.
Discussed platform's impact with President Obama, emphasizing the intersection of technology and politics.
Speaker shares experiences dealing with communication issues on Twitter with global leaders.
Controversial tweets in Turkey and Pakistan led to confusion and the need for a government group to handle such matters.
Interactions with leaders like Modi and Prime Minister Abe of Japan involved nerves and protocols.
Importance of storytelling in success is discussed, with the speaker acknowledging their skills in this area.
Importance of imagery in storytelling and decision-making.
Twitter stock unexpectedly soared after an IPO due to the power of imagery.
The speaker references Michelangelo's David to emphasize the significance of conscious choice and decisive action.
By presenting the image of David, the speaker instills confidence in overcoming challenges and uncertainties in the business world.
Importance of Mentorship in Career Growth.
Having a mentor with seniority and expertise can offer guidance, support, and opportunities to try new things.
Trusted advisors are essential for receiving honest feedback and constructive criticism to improve professionally.
Seek out individuals who will provide valuable insights rather than just pleasing words.
The importance of honest feedback and guidance from mentors like Kim Scott and Bill Campbell is emphasized.
Mentors like Kim Scott and Bill Campbell provided straightforward advice to help the speaker learn from mistakes.
Surrounding oneself with people who are willing to tell the truth and offer constructive criticism is highly valued.