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2024 Big Ideas: Anime Games Go Mainstream with Robin Guo

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Partners at a16z predict tech innovations for 2024, including AI advancements and anime games with high revenue potential. Anime's unique art style attracts diverse audiences, and its monetization strategy differs due to the gacha component. Anime has become mainstream with shows like Jujutsu Kaisen and Genshin Impact, leading to a wider audience and changing stigma. Success in the anime industry requires passion, as seen with companies like Mihoyo and startups creating innovative anime games. XR technology is expected to enable unique gaming experiences, with optimism for future creative opportunities.

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Predictions for major tech innovations in 2024 including small modular reactors, AI advancements, and democratizing miracle drugs.
Smart energy grids and crime-detecting computer vision are highlighted as key advancements.
Transition of AI from blackbox to clearbox is discussed.
Potential of anime games for deep player engagement and growth of the anime genre in the gaming ecosystem is mentioned.
Investment in anime games expected to continue in 2024 driven by passion developers and cross-platform performance.
Anime's unique art styles, such as solid outlines and exaggerated features, set it apart from manga and webtoons.
The incorporation of different components like adventure and romance allows for deep audience engagement in anime.
Various art styles in anime cater to different audiences, making it appealing across age groups and demographics.
Anime's versatility enables the creation of games that combine genres like action and romance, attracting diverse player profiles.
This versatility fosters a large fan base for anime content.
Monetization strategy in anime games is unique due to gacha component.
Gacha component involves players spending money to roll for characters, similar to gambling.
Pity techniques and reasonable drop rates are used to manage the gacha system.
High ARPU in anime games allows for high spend depth and unique behaviors like sharing drop openings.
Large companies like Netflix are investing in anime, showing a growing trend with potential for increased capitalization.
Rise of mainstream anime culture.
Shows like Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan gaining popularity.
Millennials and Gen Z contributing to a wider anime audience.
Changing stigma around anime similar to gaming.
Success in anime industry requires deep passion, as seen with Moyo founded by college students.
Potential for developers in the anime-style gaming space.
Success of anime games like Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact.
Large companies like Mihoyo and startups like Poto Labs and Odyssey Interactive creating innovative anime games.
Affordability and focus on art and storytelling in anime-style games.
New technologies like AI and XR enabling the creation of the next wave of anime content.
XR technology's potential for game development, using Pokemon Go as a successful example.
XR offers innovative use cases and possibilities for creating unique gaming experiences based on childhood fantasies.
Excitement expressed for future development of XR platform and emergence of new game genres.
Upcoming content on maritime exploration using AI and computer vision, along with the potential rise of voice-first apps hinted at.
Overall, the segment maintains an optimistic tone about the creative opportunities presented by XR technology.