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Discovered Lost Tapes Confirm ET Contact and SSP claims by French Experiencer

Children with abilities, CIA-run Black Budgets, Ancient Gods and the Multiverse

JP Update 34 – Mission to Ancient Biodome with Extinct Plant Life

Golden Pyramids, Ascension and Human Liberation

Egyptian Gods, Tall Grays, Reptilians and Space Pirates

Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence in Washington and Hawaii

Ancient Egypt, Extraterrestrial Visitors and Human Ascension

Dyson Spheres, Russia-US Collaboration and Galactic effort to raise Humanity’s Consciousness

World Religions and Extraterrestrial Contact - Part 1

Did Russia and the US collaborate in developing Modern SSPs?

Uncovering Ancient Atlantean Ruins: Exploring Evolutionary Pathways and Psychic Phenomenon

Ascension vs Integration – Gods, ETs and the Omniverse: An Interview with George Kavassilas

Nazi Germany used a Global Network of Tunnels to create a 4th Reich with Flying Saucers

ET Contact, Artemis Accords, Space Ark and “20 and back” SSP claims

A Lifetime of ET Contacts, Paranormal Experiences & UFO Investigations

A Message from the Galactic Federation of Worlds on the Israel-Iran Conflict

George Adamski Photos & Videos of UFOs are the Best Evidence of ET Contact

UK Disclosure, Insider Lawsuits, Emergency Total Eclipse News, plus Ancient Giant Awakens

Award-winning filmmaker on a Quest to Prepare Humanity for ET Contact: Interview w/ Craig Campobasso

Contact with Tall Blonde Alien Founders, Space Ark Rescues & the End Times

ET Seeders, Space Arks and the Great Reveal Webinar - Part 2

Pentagon Tries to Hoodwink Congress over UFO Whistleblowers - Plus, the Shocking Execution ...

ET Seeders, Space Arks and the Great Reveal Webinar - Part 1