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UX Evenings @ Google

Considerations for Community Co-Design

Case Studies: Inclusion and Exclusion in Technology Design

Introduction to Product Inclusion & Equity

Introduction to UX Design on Wear OS

Introduction to UX Research & Product Inclusion on Wear OS

Making Material You: Spirited

Making Material You: Unexpected

Making Material You: Personal

Making Material You: Introduction

UX Evening at Google: Design Systems

UX Evening at Google: User Interfaces of Tomorrow

Relay 2021: Design Leaders Gather to Explore the Future of Sprints

UX Evening at Google: Career Development

Design Sprints: Celebrating 10 Years

UX Evening at Google : UX & Inclusion

Introducing the Material Design YouTube channel

UX Evening at Google : Defining UX Roles

Understanding the Material Design color system | Google Design Tutorials

Understanding the Material Design type system | Google Design Tutorials

UX Evening at Google : How UX Teams are structured

Craft a dark theme with Material Design | Google Design Tutorials

Read Along - Voice and AI design to grow child literacy | Centered Ep 9

Streamline the designer to developer handoff with Gallery | Google Design Tutorials

Getting started with Gallery | Google Design Tutorials

Click through prototyping with Gallery | Google Design Tutorials

BenchSci - AI design for user trust in biomedical research | Centered Ep 8

Start building with Material Components for the web | Google Design Tutorials

Implementing motion with Material Design | Google Design Tutorials

Introduction to Gallery | Google Design Tutorials

Migrating your app to Material Components for Android | Google Design Tutorials

Design Is [Messy] : Approaches to engaging with complexity

Introducing our newest host, Di Dang | Centered

Transforming data into insights with Unlock Sprints - Design Sprint Conference 2019

Achieving customer-centricity in the data-driven enterprise - Design Sprint Conference 2019

The Ready - Design Sprint Conference 2019

Managing grief and loss in organizational change - Design Sprint Conference 2019

Design Is [Dreaming] : Curiosity and innovation

Design Is [History] : Building a Presidential Museum for the Future

Design Is [Play] — Making Work Play / Making Play Work

Design Is [Curious] - Morphing Matter: Curiosity-driven Research

Design Is [Audible] - Designing sound for human experiences

Anchor—making a cross-platform design system | Centered Ep 7

Design Is [Protopian]

ML Kit x Material Design: Design Patterns for Mobile Machine Learning (Google I/O'19)

How to Design a Dark Theme Using Material (Google I/O'19)

How Material Design Can Be Adopted and Measured for Product Success (Google I/O'19)

Sound Design and Sonic Brand (Google I/O'19)

Designing Human-Centered AI Products (Google I/O'19)

Material Theming: Build Expressively with Material Components (Google I/O'19)

Prototyping Voice Experiences: Design Sprints for the Google Assistant (Google I/O'19)

Getting Started with the People + AI Guidebook

Design Is [Elemental] - From Building Blocks to Great Experiences

Starbucks—creating a personalized Web and Assistant experience | Centered Ep 6

Design Is [Data] - A case study in designing Ads on Google Search

1Password brings their Android app to Chrome OS | Centered Ep 5

Design Is [Speculative] Futures Design Thinking - a new toolkit for preemptive design

Design Is [...] Trailer

Designing cross-platform experiences | Centered Season 2 Trailer

Linda Bergroth’s Cloudspace Pavilion (SPAN Short)

James Bridle, Difficulty Increases Understanding (SPAN Short)

James Bridle, Access to Information (SPAN Short)

James Bridle, Frictionless Experiences (SPAN Short)

Isabelle Olsson, Prototyping Google Home Hub (SPAN Short)

Stephanie Dinkins, Identity & Bina48 (SPAN Short)

Ateljé Sotamaa, Designing An Ecology of Objects (SPAN Short)

Snøhetta, Reimagining Lascaux’s Cave Paintings (SPAN Short)

SPAN 2018 Helsinki – Watch Individual Talks

Marko Ahtisaari on Max Richter's "Sleep" (SPAN Short)

SPAN 2018 Helsinki – Conference Highlights

Design is [Listening]: Listening as design strategy

Google Design’s Best of 2018 — Trailer

Design Sprints as a Tool for Organizational Change

Design Sprints for a Better World

Actionable Futures Workshop and Toolkit

Google Job Search: UX Designers Peter Jin Hong and Scott Wasson

Getting Effective Session Outcomes

Google’s Design Philosophy and UX Culture

Design is [Equitable]

Game design and Google: August de los Reyes talks great design (Method, Ep 17)

Google UX + Design Leadership: Margaret Lee

Happn, creating a gamification experience | Centered Ep 4

Design is [Sci-Fi] – How Design in Sci-Fi and the Real World Influence Each Other

Welcome to Designer Vs Developer!

Illustration at Google: Mat Helme, Laura Dumitru, Hélène Leroux (Method Ep 16)

Design at Ola, India's largest ride-sharing company | Centered Ep 3

Design is [Narrative] – Behind Every Good Design is a Story

Walmart's enterprise apps | Centered Ep 2

Design is [Systematic] – The Systems that Shape our Work

Illustrator Libby VanderPloeg (Design Notes Episode 12 Highlights)

Waymo UX: Interview with Ryan Powell (Method Podcast, Ep 14)

Design is [Business] – The Merging Reality of Design and Business

Designing Google's sound: Interview with Conor O'Sullivan (Method Podcast, Ep 13)

Amman, Jordan with Google.org and the International Rescue Committee | Centered Ep 1

Alexandra Lange, Author of The Design of Childhood (Design Notes Episode 10 Highlights)

Design Is [Empathic] – A Talk on Empathy, Humanity and Designing AI

Cameron Koczon, Partner at Fictive Kin (Design Notes Episode 9 Highlights)

Getting Started with Gallery

Material makes it possible

UX Research for ChromeOS: Interview with Todd Hausman (Method Podcast, Ep 11)

At Google, we use design to...

Adapting the Design Thinking Process - Design Sprint Conference 2017

Design Thinking for Social Impact - Design Sprint Conference 2017

Design Is [Autonomous] – In Conversation with Ryan Powell, Melissa Cefkin, and Wendy Ju

Building a Culture of Innovation with Design Thinking - Design Sprint Conference 2017

Designing UX Community: Hexagon's Alison Boncha & Fiona Yeung (Method Podcast, Ep 10)

Bathroom Design and Gender Fluidity — QSPACE & WORKac

Museums in the Age of VR — William Nathan & Florian Idenburg

David Byrne: Visitor Experience & Immersive UX

Design Is [Screenless] — Designing for a World Without Screens

Bennett Foddy, Game Designer, Getting Over It (Design Notes Episode 7 Highlights)

Design Is [Language] – Why Words Matter

Mitch Paone, Principle at Dia Studio (Design Notes Episode 5 Highlights)

Design Is [Vision] – The Power of Storytelling in Product Design and Business Strategy

Global UX: Wikimedia on Designing for Marginalized Communities

Global UX: Designing Community Education to Advance Indian Agriculture

Global UX: Designing Safe Online Spaces

Global UX: Designing for Gender Equity

Making-of Pixel Wallpapers with Parteek Saran

Making-of Pixel Wallpapers with Nicholas Alan Cope

Google Design Sprints: Interview with Sydney Hessel (Method Podcast, Ep 6)

Making-of Pixel Wallpapers with Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree

William Okpo, Fashion Designers Lizzy & Darlene Okpo (Design Notes Episode 3 Highlights)

Design Is [Emotion] – Emotionally Intelligent Design

Design is [Emotion] – Emotionally Intelligent Design (Highlights)

Google Emoji & Design: Interview with Rachel Been (Method Podcast, Ep 5)

Design is [Immersive] – Meaning Modes in Design (Highlights)

SPAN 2017 Newcastle-Gateshead - Event Highlights

SPAN 2017 Pittsburgh - Conference Highlights

Design Is [Immersive] – Meaning Modes in Design

Design is [Smart] – Human-Centered Machine Learning

Google IxD: Interview with Roman Nurik (Method Podcast, Ep 4)

Google UX: Interview with Darren Delaye (Method Podcast, Ep 3)

Google IxD: Interview with Rita DeRaedt (Method Podcast, Ep 2)

Google UX Design: Interview with Jay Wong (Method Podcast, Ep 1)

SPAN 2017 Newcastle-Gateshead - Livestream

Design is [Simulation] – VR & AR Panel Discussion with Daniel Perlin

Design Is [Simulation] – VR & AR Projects for Good

Talbot & Yoon, Furniture & Object Designers (Design Notes Episode 1 Highlights)

Design Is [Smart] – Jess Holbrook and Josh Lovejoy

SPAN 2017 Pittsburgh - Livestream Day 2

Design is [Simulation] – VR & AR Event Highlights

SPAN 2017 Pittsburgh - Livestream Day 1

Design Is [Ethical] – Jessica Helfand and Allison Arieff, The Next Stage

Design Is [Multicultural] – Senongo Akpem

Vectors Livestream – SF Design Week 2017

Design Is [Human] – Gretchen Anderson

Dimensions: Design for the Future of Android

Dimensions: When and How to Use Android Notifications from Rachel Garb

Dimensions: Uniquely Android

SPAN Tokyo 2016: Behind-The-Scenes with Mariya Suzuki

SPAN Tokyo 2016: Behind-The-Scenes with Takram's Kotaro Watanabe

SPAN LA 2016: Behind-The-Scenes with Niantic Labs' Dennis Hwang

SPAN LA 2016: Behind-The-Scenes with Vitsoe's Tommy Dobrzynski

SPAN LA 2016: Behind-The-Scenes with NASA JPL's Jessie Kawata

Introducing Material.io

Reimagining Google Fonts

Material Design Motion

SPAN NYC 2015: Venue Timelapse

TALK: From Stanley Kubrick to PowerPoint (SPAN LONDON 2015)

TALK: Programmed Art: A Nexus Between Art, Design and Technology (SPAN LONDON 2015)

KEYNOTE: VR for Everyone: The Design of Land's End (SPAN LONDON 2015)

TALK: In BĂ©ziers We Trust (SPAN LONDON 2015)

TALK: Rocks - The Future of VR (SPAN LONDON 2015)

PANEL: Design Tools: The State of Play (SPAN LONDON 2015)

KEYNOTE: Conditional Design (SPAN LONDON 2015)

PANEL: Designing for New Products (SPAN LONDON 2015)

KEYNOTE: Privacy 1.0 (SPAN LONDON 2015)

SPAN London 2015: Highlights

SPAN NYC 2015: Highlights

KEYNOTE: Talent (SPAN NYC 2015)

TALK: Staying Nimble (SPAN NYC 2015)

TALK: Inscriptions in Stone (SPAN NYC 2015)

PANEL: Prototyping 2015 (SPAN NYC 2015)

TALK: The Interface (SPAN NYC 2015)

TALK: What Keeps Me Up at Night (SPAN NYC 2015)

PANEL: What Makes Great Product Design? (SPAN NYC 2015)

TALK: Urban Icons (SPAN NYC 2015)

KEYNOTE: Keller Easterling and Geoff Manaugh in Conversation (SPAN NYC 2015)

TALK: An Animator's Quest to Make a Mobile Game (SPAN NYC 2015)

2015 Google Design Showcase - Highlights & Award Winners

Palette Perfect: How Material Design Makes Color Easy

Making Material Design: Crafting Material

Making Material Design: Smart Paper

Making Material Design: Refining Roboto

Making Material Design